Monday, October 28, 2013


I do not have a problem with Monday's like so many people do.  I kind of like them.  It is the one day a week that I have an appointment at the same time same bat channel.  It is a nice middle of the afternoon activity with a nice walk thrown in and many pit stop choices along the way.

Today, despite the wind, it was warmer ~ our Indian Summer has departed and it is truly fall weather.  We had blue skies amidst the clouds however ~ which makes it seem nicer than it actually is.  I was wondering when fall was going to arrive and bring the dark, gray and cold along with it.

I came back home and hung out listened to music and visited with a friend of mine.  Our conversation led to food and how hard is it to make applesauce ~ so I moved into the kitchen and started some applesauce ~ opting for the pink kind with the skin on which takes a little longer and you have to strain.

I smell the delicious aroma of apples and cinnamon as I am writing this ~ it is a bit distracting despite still being full from the Risotto with pork medallions and garlic and onion with a bit of fresh grated Parmesan cheese I treated myself to this evening with the absence of Thomas taste to take into consideration.

I am trying to stay in a really positive frame of mind as I have 6 days and counting til the second attempt at that stupid court case with my ex and the violation of the restraining order on his end which got forwarded to Monday.

Hence the cooking.  Huge distraction.  The more steps the better.  The less fattening the better as well unless I have a guinea pig to test and consume a majority of what I make.  It is bad enough that there is candy in the house for Trick or Treat on Thursday.

I have already consumed a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups over the past three days.  That was before I was anxiety ridden!  See ~ I am beginning to feel it creep in ~ I hate anxiety and I refuse to let this take hold of me!

Breathe in the delicious aroma of apples and cinnamon ~ relaxing to the sounds of Roger Waters ~ sweet guitar.  Peaceful yet deep and complex.  Very nice.  Thank God for distractions!  Six more days to go and put it all behind me ~ 28 + years of love, hate, laughter, tears, fear dread and hiding.

I would like it to go out like a candle flame being blown out rather than a bang.  Some people like to draw things out ~ I for one like to keep good ties and cut those bad ones out and learn the lesson and carry on in a more positive fashion.

I got a call earlier for pre-registration for my Cat Scan in Pittsfield and on North Street.  I am glad they called as my doctor's receptionist never did.  She called Thursday while I was out and walking to an appointment with nothing to write with and was supposed to call back with the information on my cell phone.

She did call my cell phone back and I did not answer because that is what she said to do.  Of course I never got a voicemail with the details.  In the excitement of getting ready for my granddaughters visit on Friday I never gave it a third thought until last night.

What can I do about it on a Sunday night?  Well then next time I remembered was 5:21 this evening.  Too late to check and considering she did mention the 20 something I knew I either missed it or it was tomorrow.  This chick really must hate me ~ I have an appointment at 11:20 in the morning!!!

I had discussed the issues with the receptionist last week with my doctor.  I am trying to be compassionate as my doctor said she was going through something.  How compassionate can a person be when it seems they are a target of this girl on every turn?  Is she doing this to every patient my doctor has?

I am a new patient so I am not that familiar with anyone there.  I would hate to be the person she makes a mistake on as far as medication or something life threatening to be sure.  She actually argued with me regarding scheduling the Cat Scan in Pittsfield although the doctor had specifically written Pittsfield (not a 45 minute drive for someone with no car!)

It is frustrating when other peoples problems have an effect on their jobs.  I find it very unprofessional.  I love my doctor however, she is a wonderful communicator.  I would hate for her practice to suffer because of this girls situation.  Ah well ~ it is a lesson.  I hope not to let my stress impact anyone  elses life negatively, especially mine!

So I am off to stir and strain the applesauce and enjoy a bit of it warm.  The ultimate comfort food!   Happy Monday everyone!  May we all succeed in lifes lessons with grace.  Wish me luck!