Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I made it to and through my cat scan ~ only a minute late and my calves burning horribly when I arrived to sit down and do a short questionnaire before I was escorted in for the test.  It was over before I knew it and when I walked out the lady after me said she hoped hers wasn't as quick as that. Quick is good when it comes to tests.

With the rest of my day ahead of me I was ready to go home and have some lunch and get back into busy mode ~ keeping my brain busy and away from thinking the wrong thoughts.  Thankful for my support system and my wonderful friends reminding me who I am and what I am made of.

I even had a call from my doctor I spoke with yesterday reminding me of something we had spoken about to focus on no matter how stormy the seas get on Monday.  I am thankful to be all scheduled in for Monday afternoon however ~ I am sure I am going to need to vent in a safe surrounding.

My son is still at his brothers house so it is even trickier to not let the emptiness engulf me.  It is all good however ~ I have the party to get ready for ~ I am making a sampling of the Crab Rangoons for Thursday afternoon for the Birthday girl so she can decide if she would like some of those for her party as well.

I am definitely making the Crab Rangoon Dip which I have the recipe worked out for 50 people and today I found another true and tried Dip recipes for the veggies.  Making a bunch of WonTon Wraps will keep me busy for sure!  One thing I can do ahead of time for the party if she chooses.

I ran across my Gram's handwritten recipes from when I was just starting out making cookie platters for my Aunts and Uncles and friends and family ~ like I did this past Christmas for my Sons and my friends.
I really love seeing my Gram's handwriting.  She has been gone for a very long time now but somehow they seem to bring her closer to me.  Never far from my heart and thoughts these recipes mean more to me than just about every object which I treasure (and I treasure a few).

Six more days to make it through to get to Monday.  At least there is First Friday ArtWalk this week.  There is also a post ArtWalk Gathering at the Whitney Center for the Arts for Artists and Friends and Art appreciators like myself which I am looking forward to utilizing as a distraction as well.

I am confident that I can get through this no problem.  It is having the restraint not to respond when I get slandered which is going to be the most difficult part of the whole ordeal.  Somehow I just have to not react. That is easier said than done.  It figures that the night before is Daylight Savings Time.  One extra hour to not sleep and not get anxious.  I may need to start drinking on Sunday just to make it to Monday!  I am joking of course.

I am waiting for company to arrive as I type ~ I am no fool ~ I know I will not make it through this day and into the next stress free in this quiet apartment!  Tomorrow I clean my floors at the very least ~ which will take me all day as I have been very bad about them even with the Swiffer!

I think one of you told me that housework was for winter anyway.  I really liked that comment.  I loved it in the 80's when the new rule was that you could put aside the dirty dishes and have fun with the kids.  No one is going to remember the dirty dishes but the kids will remember the quality family time forever.

Of course I always tried to have everything in order all of the time.  I can only stand the dust balls in the corners and the piles of clutter for so long!  Everything in its place and a place for everything as they say.  My company should be arriving momentarily so I am going to say goodnight and God Bless ~

Thanks to those of you who take the time to remind me of who I am when I forget myself!  I loves ya!

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