Thursday, October 10, 2013


I was able to get out of my head and out of the house late last night and visit with old friends in the lap of luxury in their two bedroom suite in a very nice hotel last night.  It was wonderful to catch up by the glow of the fireplace with old friends from a past life (which is how I look at all of the different phases and stages of my life.)

I woke up very much rested and came home needing to publicly apologize to all of my friends on Facebook for the automatic spamming the overuse of my game playing as a result of my overburdened brain and the worry I have caused myself ~ now realizing it does no good to worry ~ it is a wait and see situation and hopefully the American Public will shame those people who are causing such a commotion in our Country ~ what will happen will happen regardless of what the citizens want.

I had a semi early appointment with friends for coffee, so after a quick shower, I grabbed my camera and began my journey.  Walking a very familiar route I used to walk with my dog Simba, I decided to get some shots, as I hadn't been down that way in a while.

 The sun was trying to come out ~ there was some nice
 reflection on the water.

Try as I might ~ I couldn't convince the sun to shine any brighter!
They are building a walkway around the lake which will be ready next year probably ~ I did spot two out of the twenty birds who used to live here before they cut down all of the trees and began construction.

They were too fast for me, however to capture so I went with this amazing tree across the water and getting a couple of nice shots.

My camera view screen is so small I cannot tell how the pictures are going to be until I download them ~ but I don't think they are too bad considering how grey the day was!

I journeyed beyond the lake and saw some more familiar sights of color once a daily scene but no more ~ it, was a melancholy walk to be sure!  I miss my dog everyday and this is a salt in the wound kind of walk for me!

 I love this combo of color!  It always catches my eye!  Glad I had the camera.

Further down the road this color (below) jumped out of the mix of greens.

I was worried I was going to make people nervous while I was walking to my destination taking pictures but no one jumped out at me to complain so I took what shots I wanted along the way.



I love taking the time to see what is around me in my present situation.  Especially when it is colorful, bright and natural!  It really did make my day better!  Some of these were taken at my friends house.  The spider plants are amazing and I wish mine which was started the same time as one of those pictured above looked like that!

It was a nice walk and I made it back home and decided to go get some potatoes so I could could a number of things ~ depending on the time.  I see Shepherds Pie and Beef Stew in our future.  I had a tea first and caught up on the computer before heading across town the other way ~ bringing my camera yet again to capture some of the awesome ever changing colors in my world.

 These leaves were yellow with a cool outline of red around the edges.  I wish the picture did it justice ~ maybe on a sunny day before they all fall off I will try again!

It belongs to the tree on the lower right ~ which was full and beautiful before our huge wind and rain storm the other day ~ shows how you have to enjoy the colours while they are here as in an instant life changes drastically!

I was concerned about the weather so I headed to the store ~ resisting the urge to photograph every pretty flower and tree I saw along the way.

I did my shopping ~ from my house to Big Y and then from one end of North Street to the other making sure not to forget anything.  I was loving the day to be sure.  I am pleased I was able to throw the depression that I felt consuming me out the door and say goodbye!

I returned home and began listening to some Pink Floyd ~ always a treat and realised it was going on 5:00 and I thought I had a meeting at 5:00 but upon checking the time realized it began at 6:00 so I am enjoying a pre~group tea and able to share this colorful blog with you before I depart!

Hope you all enjoy it!  Have a great day and thanks for reading!


  1. Very Nice :-) I must start taking my camera with me when I go out ( which is far and few between) I will tho be out and about this weekend ! Going to Ashley Falls again !

    1. Awesome Bill! Can't wait to see the results!

  2. I love going out and about with you.