Friday, October 18, 2013


I was right ~ I predicted last night that I would be starving in the morning just because I could not eat before going to the lab for my fasting blood work.  As a matter of fact, I had to resist the urge to hit the fridge for leftover frosting all night despite having eaten a peanut butter sandwich as close to midnight as I could get away with.

The funny thing is I do not usually eat at night or even first thing in the morning.  I do my caffeine/nicotine routine and that is breakfast ~ long standing tradition with me.  The brain is truly a wonderful piece of work ~ always making us crave what we don't normally want just because we cannot have it!

Before jumping in the shower I did my customary look out the window and go out on the porch to see what the weather was like and today a little extra look as there were gunshots outside my house at 2:00 a.m. which I did not bother to investigate then hearing no screams from downstairs from anyone inside my house or out.

Thomas did not run upstairs to alert me either and he was on the first floor so I just ignored it and went to sleep.  There were no bodies ~ only one of the maintenance guys planting some bulbs for the spring thanks to my landlord.  We will have Black Eyed Susan's next year ~ my all time favourite flower!

I got him to plant my phlox plant while he was at it and he put it right outside my front door where it will get plenty of sun and hopefully be safe from the groundhog out back.  Who knows maybe it will spread and we will  have more of them and I will be doubly blessed with two of my favourite flowers next year.

I made it up street and was on my way to the lab when I encountered for the second day in a row ~ my friend Rich.  I have mentioned him before and I am pleased to report that he no longer is following me around like a puppy dog ~ he has met a girl with similar life challenges to him.

As I was talking to him his new friend showed up to meet him for breakfast.  Megan is just visiting until December but I see very good things in store for these two.  They are both sweet and kind and adorable together!

I left them to get my blood drawn.  There were a few people ahead of me so I stood until the next chair was free and waited my turn eager to get this test over with and get a cup of tea and begin my day in a more normal way.

As I was working on my daily computer stuff, my friend Cynthia's son dropped by and he utilized my son's computer looking for a better job in his profession to replace making bread boxes for seven hours a night at the bakery.

He is in marketing so we have a bit in common to talk about.  He has definitely had more experience than me for sure got the language down as I heard while he was on the phone from a call back ~ asking all the right questions that I probably wouldn't have thought of until hours later.  He has been in the game for as long as I have been out of the game.

He was heading out when I realized that it was Friday and I had things to do.  I quickly changed and walked up the road with him leaving him at his house to get ready for work and heading to the supermarket and the pharmacy and a couple of stops in between.

It was pretty quiet on the strip today.  After last night it was a ghost town!  Too bad the stores I went into were not empty!  Everywhere I went I had to wait today!  I began at the pharmacy and had to wait for three people ahead of me.

I picked up some sale items there and decided to continue on to the supermarket with what I had as I was only planning on getting two things ~ something for dinner and some cream cheese for another batch of Crab Rangoon's since I made plans with my girl Laurie and Kathleen a couple of weeks ago and Thomas ate my cream cheese.

Of course that never works, only getting two things.  I ended up with two bags full.  I could not resist the sale on the pork tenderloins at a buy one get one free ~ needed peppers, a couple of potatoes and cube steaks, then there was some great cheese on sale that I had been dying to try and I needed crackers for the cheese ~ see never do I make it out with what I intend.

I am glad I was planning on the cube steak for dinner as when I got home and looked at my receipt and the meat I was overcharged and sold meat that was outdated by a day (the latter I did not notice until I was on the phone with the meat manager who said that never should have happened.)

I love that.  Well at least, like I said it wasn't dinner for tonight but it now means another mile walk back to the store which I assured the meat manager I was not going to be making this day!  That just gives me something to do tomorrow (silver lining?)  yeah right ~ I still haven't returned the half of the roast beef to Price Rite from two months ago that was bad!

Thankfully, this is all I have to complain about so I am doing Aces!  The inflammation in my wrist has gone down ~ my elbow is okay and my spine is not feeling soldered together today.  My back does hurt just because I carried all of those groceries today.

It is all good as they say.  I am sitting with a heating pad after a pretty okay day.  I am getting pretty tired and ready to get into my p.j.'s.  I am excited about the planning party tomorrow evening as well!  I love it when there are things to look forward to!

Here is to looking forward to looking forward and doing so with great expectations and not the possibility of disappointment!  That is part of my new personal growth along with a couple other personal growth realities I have come to realize lately.  This journey has been extraordinary so far and can only improve the more I learn and grow.  I may not know what is at the end of the path but I know I am enjoying smelling the flowers along the way!

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