Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween everyone!  Trick or Treat is over and I got 0 knocks on the door from trick or treaters which does not surprise me one bit although it is rather disappointing.  I did decorate the porch last night after my company left to be ready for this day.

 (Knock at the door)...

Well, it wasn't a trick or treater ~ my friend Cynthia came down bearing gifts ~ a new big mug for tea!  Now I am up to 2 as I lost our two favorites in one shot when they both dove into the sink simultaneously a couple of months back.

After hanging out with Cindy for a bit and sending her away with candy so it was almost like I had a trick or treater ~ my phone rings and it is Cindy ~ laughing because I gave her a partial dozen of eggs to bring home for her baking ~ and it's trick or treat night or mischievous night so she was laughing because the eggs were not in a bag and she was worried that she would get arrested on suspicion before she got home.

I began laughing as well ~ cuz there were only 8 eggs left in the dozen.  I reassured her that she was probably pretty safe ~ she only lives a block away and she is an older lady and not a teenager.  It is a good memory for Halloween.

Today has been very productive, orderly and fun.  Overall is was an excellent day.  I had a taste testing of the Crab Rangoon's for the birthday party so I began my day making fresh Won Ton Wrappers.  A friend was over as I was making them and filling them.

The first two were a disaster as I could not remember how to fold them.  I had to look it up ~ which is the one thing good about technology ~ do a Google search and you are there.  I was already for one with the oil heating and tea on hand.

So now I know what I am making for the party.  We went shopping and picked up the supplies I will need minus a couple which will need to be fresh and I have my timeline.  Always like to have it straight in my head. It is indeed a fun project I am involved in and I cannot wait to see how it all falls together.  My friend is so organized an together and has a great team for success!

My son came home this afternoon as well so I have him to torture.  Just kidding on the torture.  I am glad he is home.  It was nice to have dinner with him and listen to him talking to his teammates on his game as they are involved in the battle.

I have to not swear at the games I play while he is on his microphone.  Sometimes it is difficult.  I could never wear a mic.  I do swear way to much for that.  Thomas used to think it was funny in the old days when I walked into his room ranting at him to mic me.  Of course I would not realize it until I heard about 10 guys laughing.

My rants were famous worldwide.  OMG!  I could have killed him!  It was kind of funny though and I would laugh along with them ~ the rant long forgotten.  Ah ~ the sacrifices we make for our children!  They have driven me crazy over the years but I love my boys and I kinda think they feel the same way about me (most of the time!).

I am off to fight my dragons and feed my dogs.  (Game references).  Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!  May you all get more treats and less tricks (unless you like tricks better.)  See you in November!

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