Thursday, October 17, 2013


It seems like forever since I last wrote.  It has felt like a month since the long weekend ended and it is only Thursday.  The journey from the incredible weekend feeling so elated and amazingly like I was in the most perfect place in time and space which just was an amazing feeling I floated upon for days.

Reality hit and time for the past couple of days has been like walking through gel instead of air.  When I woke at 6 a.m. I rolled over and let that time pass me by and continued my 11 hour sleep not waking and rising until after 10:30 a.m. with a nice twinge in the old sciatic nerve to remind me I am alive.

I was inspired by a phone call which gave me a purpose once again ~ planning a birthday party for 100 people.  Now that is something I can really sink my teeth into.  I am delighted and honoured to be involved in this venture.

One of my most cherished people on the planet. (Name withheld cuz I am not sure how she would feel if I put it in.)  An inspiration to me since I met her, as a mother, a fun loving woman with a beautiful smile which radiates through her eyes.  She grew the most amazing plants and had the most beautiful flower beds ~ my neighbor and friend always.  Ah, the memories which float before my eyes and through my brain!

It is funny the way so many people from my past have been connecting with me lately.  It seems they are all from a specific period in my life ~ my informative years.  My very closest of friends and confidants for the most part ~ the people who know me and not just on the outside.

It is unfortunate that most of them live pretty far away however.  I can agree that technology has helped in connecting through the Internet and over the phone even, as well as being lucky enough to see many of them randomly when they came home for visits which I prefer.

Back to reality.  (Catching myself daydreaming).  It was also, being the Third Thursday of October ~ Pittsfield's Third Thursday event ~ the final one of the year and boy was it mobbed with kids in costumes and kids just there who normally are not.  It seems like they came out in droves this evening.

Thomas finally came home this afternoon, I met him at the lab and we grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at B.K. before heading home so I could regroup before the big event.  I was looking forward to the music and the kids in costumes ~ the little kids always look so cute.

I have mostly lived in remote places where we don't get trick or treaters and even the past two years being in a neighborhood with kids around I am lucky to get two trick or treaters and before that I was out with my kids trick or treating ~ which is where the fun is at in reality!

So I had to regroup before going because my sciatic nerve pain had been nice enough to trigger some pain in my wrist and my elbow and my right trap along with my lower back and three places in my neck I frankly needed a rest.  I managed to leave late and it was a fun hour I had checking out three incredible bands and if my spine didn't feel like it was fused I would have definitely been dancing in the streets!

I was home by 6:30, as I could stand no longer and the walk home did not help one bit to loosen up anything.  I declare ~ I feel like I am falling apart at the seams!  I am currently sitting on a heating pad hoping to get to the route of all evil and enjoying my son sitting next to me threatening to play "GodSmack" really loud.  (Which would not bother me one bit truth be told!)

I have to go get the dreaded fasting blood work to see if my cholesterol has dropped with a change in my diet.  Which I plan on doing first thing as I am grumpy without at least one cup of tea in the morning ~ don't want to expose the world to that side of me!

So finally a purpose with the first brainstorming session on Saturday evening.  It will put me back in my old neighborhood and into my stepfathers mothers house overlooking our old domain where I grew up since fourth grade on.  I am excited to be a part of this wonderful party!

I think I am just about out of words for this evening ~ my heating pad needs to jump back in the microwave and I need to work on my neck and back next ~ which I cannot do sitting in this chair.  Feeling better despite feeling bad which makes no sense but that is just me!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy Thursday. Wish I could do Third Thursdays. Miss not being able to get around like I used to. Pain sucks, and I hope yours decides to leave you in peace, at least for a little while. Have fun planning the party. Good thoughts being sent your way.

  2. Hey Jennifer, nice to read your blog.....sounds like you are doing just fine....