Sunday, October 20, 2013


I had to pass up an opportunity to watch my sweet grand-daughter last night so her parents could go to the Haunted House.  I was delighted to be asked.  It is the first time so I think that we must have passed approval after our fun sleepover last weekend.

The day before I had been invited to join a planning committee for my friends big birthday bash coming up on November 16th.  I offered to take Ainsley with me but I got turned down flat on that one- it was funny as when I mentioned it to my neighbor from 28 years ago - (blew me away to hear how long we have known each other!) she said "She could have come too."  I knew that and that is why I put it out there to my son.

There were four of us at the meeting.  My friend is super organized ~ I told you there were so many things that I love about her!  She is one of my finest role models and I have been blessed to know her and be considered an friend and an asset.

Truth be told her home and her family were a fun and safe place for me.  If I can give back even 1% in this minor way to help her have an amazing party for all that I have loved and learned from her from how to be a decent, caring and fun loving yet very responsible person and Mom then I will gladly do so!

The party was for 100 people, the hall is booked and the details are in good order, of course with the invitations sent out and more people are remembered it could be up to 150 before the week is out ~ but not more than 175 cuz that is all the hall holds.

I am excited more than worried.  I work best under pressure anyway.  I think that her amazing cousins whom I met last night and who have experience with doing this kind of thing are going to be wonderful teachers and I am sure I will learn much.

I don't know much about Polish food ~ except how to eat it!  This will take me a bit further in my culinary experience for sure!  I am Polish as well, however, as one of my Grandfather's is Polish.  He was adopted however so I did not have the upbringing or experience of knowing what that means other than the Polish jokes when I was a kid.

I have been enjoying my Sunday quietly and productively dishes, gathering the piles of clothes and blankets from around my house and deciphering exactly what my son has done while I was sleeping.  My kids have always wondered how I know what they do when I am not around ~ it is easy to follow the trail they leave in their wake.  They will figure it out when they have kids.

I decided to do some research on Polish Food earlier.  It made me really hungry so I threw some potatoes and onions in the skillet and added the remainder of the leftover steak from last night and had a little feast a short while ago.  You can only drink so much tea before you need to eat something.

I have two doctor's appointments tomorrow.  One is my talking one and the other is to find out the results of my fasting blood work and cholesterol.  My doctor will probably be pissed because I did not make it to North Adams for my Cat Scan on my Chest like she ordered.

I barely was able to obtain a ride to Price Rite yesterday for groceries 10 minutes away let alone a 45 minute ride to the hospital in North Adams which I think is ridiculous when they can do the same test on North Street which I can walk to.  For some reason though my doctors receptionist ~ after booking me the appointment in Pittsfield and canceling it on me ~ says it can't be done in Pittsfield.

I say ~ too bad.  If I can't get it done in my own city with my known transportation issues then I do not need it.  I refuse to give in.  This is the same girl who insisted I needed to get this scan done a week after I had gotten it done when I knew that was wrong and I wasted my son, the technician and my own time and gas money for nothing.  I will discuss it with my doctor when I see her Monday afternoon.  

Sunday night - I think my son and I are all caught up on last weeks shows we watch together so we should be good to go this evening.  I do not know why it seems like every show we watch is on Sunday night.  Is it the only night people watch t.v.?

That really isn't true however, we do have a couple of other nights with shows we like to watch.  It just seems like Sunday is the one where we have to choose one show over another a couple times over!  We are addicted to our programs!

Now that I have satisfied my tummy with some morsels I think I may start on dinner.  I am going to make a marinara sauce with burger and onions and peppers and probably some diced tomatoes as well.  Maybe I will get extra motivated and make some meatballs as well.

One thing I do know is that I am going to try to make it a pajama Sunday which I have not done in a while.  I have been so busy over the past month.  Now that I have caught back up to myself and my life is somewhat in order it seems only right.

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks for reading!

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