Saturday, February 1, 2014


Catching my breathe after power walking to the store to pick up necessary grand daughter provisions!  I am so excited!  It took me three stops to find a bag of real popcorn kernels, not that microwave stuff which ate into my time, which was already short cuz I got up two hours later than I wanted to!

When I finally made it back home an hour later I speed vacuumed the entire downstairs and then decided to write since I probably will not have time over the next 24 hours or so, unless I do so late at night which I have been known to do, and which cuts into my ability to get up as early as my house guest.

It is a beautiful day outside my door weatherwise and I needed only a jacket over my sweater and no hat or gloves!  Thank god I didn't wear them because I walked so fast I must have melted away a bit of weight and my hair is soaked despite being dry when I began my journey!

It is Superbowl weekend ~ I am not a fan.  Not too much of a big deal around here.  My sons are not really into football either.  It is also Groundhog Day, and I am a fan of the day, but not the movie.

I am just about ready to phone my sons and find out what time my fun begins.  I also have to prep some sauce, chop some garlic, onions and peppers and brown some burger.  I was thinking, since my grand daughter went crazy over the large peanut butter cups that I might suggest that as a project as well.

Never to young to get kitchen experience and I think it is a skill that will go a long way.  My sons always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen, and testing product is fun as well!

Have a great day!  I know my next 24 hours is going to be a blast!

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