Thursday, April 3, 2014


My week got switched around with Monday's appointment switched to Wednesday ~ two reasons to get out of bed instead of one!!

Indeed it did change my week a bit with nothing too remarkable except for Tom continuing to make good steps in adjusting his schedule all week!  I am one happy MaMa!!!

Today (Thursday) has also been awesome, as I bartered helping a friend without a licensed driver move as long as he paid for my renewal.  After an hour and a half in the Registry I am not a licensed driver again!!!  I am one step closer to freedom!!

I will be crossing two things off my long list this week, including emptying my storage container tomorrow after we move my friends stuff out of his apartment.  I kind of forgot about the storage since I have been having that payment directly taken out of my account.  I can tell you that that money will come in handy in my pocket as opposed to theirs and I will feel better having the rest of our stuff here to go through.

That might just lead me to cross the major task of finishing organizing my junk.  I call it junk ~ honestly I cannot even remember what is where anymore my life has been in a semi constant state of chaos with things here and there and everywhere!

Like that basket of yarn I was untangling my life is beginning to be untangled and more in order!  It has taken so much time!!!  I am so stoked to make this tangled mess of loose ends neat and tidy and finished ~ I am ready to move forward!

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