Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I have been much more busy than I really expected to be.  When I last left you, I had been planning on taking it easy and doing the dining room in preparation for Easter Dinner.  I tried ~ I really did to take it easy  but somehow I ended up in my room to relax and during commercials got super motivated hanging and putting away clothes.

The fun did not stop there.  I headed downstairs to pick up and clear out the excess ~ uncovered a bit more dirt than I  realized hiding out behind and between boxes and ended up super cleaning three more rooms.  When the boys came by to hang out once again (being blessed with more visits with my family!!) we had a great visit.

When they left at 11:00 on Saturday night I walked the broom up to my room and ended out cleaning yet more of my room.  By the time I took a break and went to bed it was very late.  I woke early in the morning to a quiet house and no stress since we were eating later and I had plenty of time to do what I had to do for dinner after wasting most of the morning playing on the computer.

I got showered and dressed for the holiday for a change.  I am usually the only person at the table in p.j.'s because I simply had no time to get ready, not the case this year, even with Tom's Dad arriving two hours before the meal to talk my ear off.  We attempted to play WII Golf Frisbee and tied the first game and barely made it through three holes of the second game he was chattering too much!

I had the potatoes peeled and the green bean ends cut and everything in their pans and ready to go in ample time.  When I called the boys to let them know when the meal would be ready they were almost ready to walk out the door so I put the dinner rolls in the oven and finished setting my table.

The new table worked out amazing.  I like the rectangle table better than my round/oval table by a mile!  There was tons of room ~ especially when I took the extra place setting off.  I once again parked myself in the back of the table, which I now see as a tactic so I don't/can't get up during the meal being blocked in on either end by my son and his Dad.

We had a good meal and Rick left just about after dinner, taking a meal to go for his friend Carolyn who was not celebrating with anyone, and if I had thought about it clearly would have invited her to join us at our table.

After Rick left, Pat, Tom, Bruce and I settled in the living room and ordered "The Desolation of Smaug", which if you are not familiar is the second in the trilogy of the Hobbit.  Trying to piece it together from the first one was tricky at first, but we managed to enjoy the whole movie and look forward to the third, although my middle son and I want to watch the first and second one again one after another so we can see how the flow actually works between the two movies.

Pat and Bruce left after the movie.  It had been a wonderful day indeed!  Thomas remained at home and we nibbled on candy and watched Game of Thrones.  We had a wonderful Easter indeed!  I crashed very hard after it was said and done, thankful to have a free day the next day since my doctor was on vacation for the week.

I got my dishes from the day before done and put my house back in order.  This new motivated me is a treat.  I do enjoy having things done and in their place, or at least done with a clearer vision of where things should go.

I didn't begin my big organization yet, since Monday night Jeffrey called to see if I could be Gramma on Tuesday evening into Wednesday as it is April Vacation and my granddaughter was coming!!!  I was excited and ready, eager to be useful to my son and his wife, and see my favourite person on the entire planet!

Before dinner Ains phoned me to let me know they were eating in 20 minutes and going to Target so she could spend the Easter Money she found in the Golden Egg at her other Grand-parent's Easter Egg hunt and then they would be over.  She remembered the M&M dispensers we had unpacked the week before and said she was bringing M&M's so we could try out the dispensers.  She has such a good memory, as I hadn't even given them more than a quick thought over the course of the week.

They arrived with one of the biggest bags of M&M's I had ever seen!  We had more than enough to fill up the three dispensers we were eager to try out, and then some.  She also brought her new toy ~ Tinker Bell with clothes, boots and purses to dress her up with.  She was so tiny and the dresses which are made of plastic with little tabs to fasten them were so tiny, I for one had difficulty helping her out with them.

She ran Thomas ragged for an hour, and then settled down on the couch with Tom to watch some t.v.  I was worried she was sick she got so quiet so suddenly.  At one point she went behind the chair and I thought she was playing at crying but she was really crying and needed to phone her Mom since she missed her.

Mom and Dad had to be to work at 5 a.m. so they were in bed when she phoned.  She was happier after that, but then wanted her toy dog "Spot".  A quick look see in her bag and no Spot ~ none of my many stuffed animals could take his place so she called home once again and persuaded her parents to bring him over (really she just wanted her Mom).

Since her parents are the awesome and wonderful people that they are, they arrived with Spot five minutes later.  Ains got her hugs and kisses and was all smiles once again, and all was right in the world!  I was relieved!  Sometimes this Gramma stuff is a little trickier than I realized!

We finally got up to bed and to sleep later than usual but she was so tired she just fell asleep in an instant.  I am a glutton for punishment, and instead of going to sleep went downstairs to hang with Tommy for a bit longer before I to went to bed.

Morning came too quickly, as it always does when Ains is in the house.  I handed her the clicker to the t.v. and bought myself another 45 minutes of napping before I was able to open my eyes and get into my role as Gramma.

We played more Hangman as I drank my tea and woke up.  A little different from my normal routine, but it involved waking up the brain in a way that I like and after a couple of rounds I was ready to make some breakfast while Ains dressed her Fairy for the day and watched the Disney Channel.

The day went by too fast, as it always does when we are hanging out.  We did manage to get showered and dressed and packed up before Jeffrey walked in the door to pick her up.  I was kind of glad it was a rainy day out so we didn't have to go anywhere, but I cannot wait for the weather to pick up and stay warm since the Ice Cream place opened up!

It is quiet once again, the new neighbor is moving in and I am going to chill with a book before dinner and will probably be napping within 10 pages by the way my eyes are feeling right now!  All in all it was another one for the memory banks and I can truly say life is good!

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