Sunday, April 6, 2014


For most people after busting ass lifting and moving a storage area clear and filling it back up they would be done.  Most smart people that is!  When Tom and I finished we thankfully sat down and relaxed for a while ~ Tom ordered pizza, we ate and watched some television.

I put off going out for the necessities, which on Friday were toilet paper and cigarette tubes.  Two very necessary items.  While we gratefully reclined in my bed resting watching a movie, Thomas asked me if I was going to ArtWalk which was only an hour later.

I was aching all over.  My neck, my back, my arms and my legs.  When I reluctantly got up to walk down the stairs my legs protested horribly but I managed to make it down the stairs without too much problem.  When the water hit my tore up hands, cut, dinged and sore I thought I would die!

I stood under the stream of the hot water and let it work it's way down the top of my head and neck and over my exhausted back muscles, almost regretting the fact that I had not picked up what I needed in the world when I had transportation.

I dressed and walked out the door.  Almost turning around and walking back in the house after 20 feet up my street.  The short hill up the way almost turned me around as well but I continued on my way, stopping at the smoke shop and almost buying tobacco instead of tubes which would have been horrible, but I caught myself before I paid and got the right thing.

I called my friend Lisa and she had not left her studio yet so I met her and a couple of her friends there and she and RoseMary and I took off to view the limited art which was available to view.  Less artists show this time of year due to the low turnout I think  ~ with the pending rain it was quiet on the streets and in the venues.

I saw some great art and some new artists as well.  Always a good time I have out and about in the world, regardless of how much pain each step creates on top of the pain that I created myself earlier in the day.  I was thankful to call it an early night and was home before 8 ~ by passing the opening at the Whitney/Colt Gallery.  I have to remember to go during the week as the pictures I saw were promising.

When I made it in the door my son immediately told me to call my Granddaughter so before I had my coat off I was dialing the phone and making my tea which Tom had begun for me when he called me to see where I was.

She said the sweetest words this Gramma could hear "Can I sleep over tomorrow night?"  Feeling tired and sore I did not hesitate one second before I said "Of course, what time are you coming?" "2:00" she said automatically.  "Excellent" said I, "Let me talk to an adult so I can confirm it."  (Learning my lesson months before on making plans with a six year old without speaking to an adult.)

She passed me to Mr. Jeffrey and I confirmed it ~ "How did you arrive at 2?"  He asked.  "She picked it ~ It can be later, earlier, whatever just let me know what works for you guys."  I said.  "We will call you before we come over."  "Okay ~ just let me know cuz I have to clean up around here a little." said I.  "Mom, she is three (she is six) she doesn't care about a mess."  "I do though and this Gramma has to have things in order." I replied before he promised to call the next day.

I felt worse on Saturday than I had on Friday, but that is too be expected.  I chose to kill myself to gain the rewards greater than I have been able to do on my own for quite some time now.  Each ache and pain was worth it.

I got in the shower and noticed that the fronts of my legs were bruised from above the knees to my upper thighs almost.  Ouch ~ no wonder my legs hurt so much!  I don't know if it was from banging them or over walking after over doing but Ouch is an understatement!

I got dressed and was kind of thankful that it was a semi crappy day weather wise.  The playground is void of snow and children are back to playing full swing and it is one of Ainsley's favourite places to go.  I knew that I could not do the playground thing cuz I actually play with my granddaughter in the playground as opposed to sitting on my butt watching from a distance.  Part of the charm I think of a playground is the swings and slides and oh yeah ~ learning spanish/english translations.

Around 2:00 the phone rang, "Gramma, I have a surprise for you!."  I could not begin to guess what it was but I said "Good, I love surprises!"  She had to eat some lunch and then they would be over.  I waited ~ having set the new table up in the diningroom I was pleased with my progress.  I had a box of toys I had in storage already waiting in the livingroom ~ I had a couple surprises of my own...

They arrived and she was full of energy.  Poor Thomas, who was as sore as I was without having a neck/back issue, was set to work within a second giving piggy back rides and being chased around the apartment.  I don't know how he did it!  She loves him so much!  I think she thinks he is a kid like her despite the 15 years between them!  They are both the babies in each of our perspective families.

We got rid of the parents who had to go shopping and Ainsley and uncovered her surprise ~ some ceramic easter eggs to paint from the craft store with a brush and 4 colours of pastel paint ~ the paint was garbage ~ one colour was good out of all of them.

I covered the new table with paper to protect the surface before Tom, Ains and I sat down to paint.  Thomas decided it was easier to use his fingers and covered his entire egg in blue ~ saving the design to paint "after it dries Ma".  He had more paint on his hands that the entire Egg I think!  Ainsley and I were more delicate and less hands on using brushes and paint cups!

Tom did make more progress than either of us and before we were finished with our projects we were onto something new.  They went outside and got some fresh air where I joined Ainsley in the backyard when Tom's was too tired to run around.

It was getting chilly so we headed back inside.  Patrick and Bruce were coming to pick up Thomas ~ he loves to leave us girls to our own devices.  The guys showed up while I was making some homemade french fries to go with our fish sticks.

Ains was chilling on the couch, suddenly cold, and very quiet for my little ball of energy.  I checked her temp and asked her if she was feeling okay.  She said she go up at 6:00 ( later her Mom told me she was up at 5!  No wonder she was pooped!

She was under two blankets when I brought out dinner.  She picked a plate but it sat on the table.  She is not a big eater but last time we had fish sticks she ordered 7 and ate 4 ~ this time she ordered 4 and ate 0!  I was a little concerned but not really ~ she had eaten two servings of pineapple and a late lunch so I told her we would leave it in the oven for later just in case she got hungry and we went up to get into our jammies and find a movie earlier than usual.

When I looked over at 9:00 she was sleeping on her side wiped out!  I took the opportunity to run downstairs and have a cigarette.  I went back up five minutes later to find her awake ~ sitting in bed and vomiting in my bed!  (Good thing I had a comforter and two blankets on the bed!)

I wish I could say that I acted fast and well on my feet walking in munching on a fish stick from the oven, but that was not the case.  I told her it was okay and got her out of the bed before she hurled for the third time and told her "NOOOOO not in the bed" too late ~ She made it to the top of the stairs and sat down and let loose some more!

Finally my Mom skills kicked in ~ they have been dormant in the young sick kid stage ~ I cannot remember the last time one of my kids hurled!  I quickly gave her the trash can and we made it into the bathroom without incident.

We got her out of the mess and cleaned up and she phoned her Mom.  The parents arrived in a flash ~ my son had had the flu the week before (which he blamed on food!)  He wishes ~ the funny thing is ~ Ainsley thought it was the pineapple ~ the apple does not fall far from the tree indeed!)

I felt bad and was suddenly alone!  I was tired of the computer for the most part so I went up to my room and got out some paper and pencils and began to draw while listening to a movie.  Then I was on a mission to find my pencil sharpener which was not where it should have been, instead finding a bunch of cool stuff to fool around with at a later date, even after looking 4 places I was unable to locate a single sharpener so I went back to my room.

I picked up the book that I thought I would have done in a couple of hours ~ the story is good, like the movie was, so I have been pacing myself.  I stopped to watch Hansel and Gretel on the new Epic Channel, which got my interest and held it.

I called the boys and talked to Patrick and told her how Ains got sick and they were watching a movie so I just crashed.  Sunday I did have plans to usher and I was nervous as I have never ushered at the Theatre before without open seating.

I had a calm relaxing morning, preparing about an hour ahead of time what I was going to wear.  The old black and whites ~ choices and more choices.  I settled on a cream shirt with inlaid flowers ~ I love material that is kind of embossed.  I was going to wear the grey slacks but I was in a dressy kind of mood so I found one of my favourite black skirts with the yellow flowers that flows nicely and my long black sweater jacket that looks artsy.  The grey boots as opposed to the heels (my legs are not summer ready yet ~ they are still hibernating (and hairy) so I was good to go as long as it wasn't too cold out!

It was a bit breezy as I made my way to Barrington Stage Company for the St. Joe Production of "Young Frankenstein".  When I had gotten the email looking for volunteers, I kind of ignored it, not really my cup of tea I remember thinking.  When the Volunteer Coordinator phoned me I could not say no.  I accepted Sunday afternoon (Jean is the one person in the world that considers my safety as a walker so she hates to have me come at night if she can help it!)

I arrived early and Brad put me to work sorting the programs making sure we had the ones with flyers at the top of the stack before handing out the others.  It was a two hour production with a 15 minute intermission.  I wasn't sure if I would like it but I did, although I kept hoping the house lights would come on at any moment!

I was ready when they did ~ I needed my sweater back!  I was more than ready to stand up ~ my legs were so sore from sitting for an hour!  The sunshine was nice outside and I walked down to the store and grabbed a peanut butter cup as I realized I was hungry having forgotten to eat before arriving!

I made it back before the lights flashed, ate my snack and settled in for the second half of the play.  I thought it was pretty good all in all.  Some of the voices were a little weak but this is High School!  At the end of the play the Director Lillian Quinn announced her retirement from the School and Directing, and even thought I had no idea who she was I could tell she was a huge part of everyones lives and they hers.

The Senior Cast lined up and began thanking everyone and giving out flowers left and right and it was a very nice way to end the play indeed!  Mrs. Quinn will not soon forget it I am sure!  It was very touching all and all!

I still had to go to the store and get detergent to do my laundry afterwards.  I walked out and one of my Bosma cousins had been in the audience.  We chatted on the street and with some luck we will be getting together in the future!

Coming from a family as big as mine I recognized the face but of course pinpointing down which cousin is impossible without coming out and asking so I did!  I remember the summer that Valerie and I hung out on Bailey Road, where our family farm used to be.

It was the summer of the racoons and wandering the farm and the fields, riding her Dad's horse and sleeping over my Great Aunt's house while my favourite cousin June was away, and watching the baby racoons.  Alan-June's husband was Game Warden and I had the pleasure of being exposed to rescued wildlife, raccoons, baby deer, helping with the collecting eggs from the chickens and learning how to make fresh squeezed orange juice in the home that my great grandparents raised their family and where all of the family used to gather and have some great, fun times!

Now I am home, sipping my tea and getting ready to find out if I am watching Sunday evening show's myself or with my boy who is still at his brothers.  I may be a video game (widow??) and be on my own!  Oh well ~ life is still good!

My ArtWalk was fun. While I only have pictures from the show at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, it was not the only place in town.  The MarketPlace has some great pieces, but was full of diners and I hate to take pics with people eating, it seems rude to me.  I will be going back!  I enjoyed speaking with the artist Heili Teutsch or Adelheid Ingrid Teutsch, officially.

The Photos above are all from the 2014 BAA Fellowship Show which will be running from April 4 ~ 26th ~ all done by students.

Ivor Parry was at Steven Valenti's Clothing for men and I really liked the abstracts, but I was talking to the curator and forgot to take photos.

The B.C.C. Intermodel had a wonderful artist who also Sculpts and I enjoyed looking at his drawings and looking through his book of sculpture (always a fan of sculpture myself!)  I was also too busy talking to the artist than taking photos but I hope to return there as well! His name was Jonathan Magnotti, very promising young artist from Great Barrington whom I hope to see more from in the future!

I missed Jackie Kearns at B.M.C.  I never make it down to the hospital and will be making my way there during the week as well.  I love the work of Ms. Kearns...another artist to look out for in the future ~ I see great things coming out of that creative talent indeed!  One never to disappoint for sure!

My week is looking back to normal, meaning that Monday is normal and we shall see what the rest of the week brings.  If the weather is going to be nice I will be out with my camera and sharing plenty with you all!

I am making my way to the Season Premiere of Game of Thrones after a quick (very quick by the clock) bite to eat and a solo Sunday night of shows since my son is bagging me!  Oh well!  He needs that quality male bonding with his bro and his Dad ~ who can blame him!

After all he has done for me this week, making a huge effort with his schedule and helping me earn my license and selflessly using his hard earned money to treat us both to pizza I can forgive him for leaving me alone on a Sunday!

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