Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I am luxuriating in the most wonderful feeling of being the happiest girl in the world ~ however brief it may last!!!  I just got off the phone with the Electric Company after opening a staggering bill from my electric heat usage this season.

I was prepared to make an arrangement like I usually do but opted for the information for low income consumers first.  Am I ever glad I did!!!  Now I have a budget each month based on my energy usage which I can live with and they FORGAVE my past due amount (as long as I keep to my budget)!!!

The best part is, instead of figuring out how to pay my remaining utilities this month AND survive ~ I will not be paying a bill until the end of May and I know what it is!!!!  Life is good and getting better!!!!

Can you say Thank you!!!  Cuz I can!!! I am so grateful at this very moment for all that I have and especially not to have that worry for the next 5 months ~ instead I have a workable solution!!!

You know I am all about progressing forward and over the previous two weeks I am drowning in my progress (in a good way!)

Having all of my stuff (besides the wardrobe at Bruce's house which I promise is the next thing I am going to work on Bruce!!) makes me feel less strewn about the world and discombobulated.  I do not mind having to go through and sort/sell/throw away what needs to be ~ I look forward to getting my life back together in the best way possible and for me that is knowing where everything is at a moments notice instead of looking five places and still not having a clue!

Order is important to me.  Chaos is not so much a friend of mine, although I work very well under pressure. I guess I am a control freak because when things are not in order I am less in control.  Thank you universe for helping me get back the order I so desire!

With half of these hurdles jumped and the finish line closer and closer I am feeling good indeed!  For me having so many loose ends just made it harder to manage on a daily basis.  Of course I am good at faking it ~ pretending it is all good when it is a shit storm of confusion about how the hell I am going to manage to work my way through the 2008 mess (longest running mess of my life I think!)

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