Friday, April 4, 2014


This has been a banner end of the week for me.  It is before 2:00 and I have successfully emptied my storage, moved my friend out of his apartment to earn my driver's license as he needed a driver, which I got yesterday without a hitch to be ready for our 9:00 a.m. truck pick up.

Larry arrived before 9 and Thomas got up while I rolled a few cigarettes and finished my tea before the three of us walked over to the Storage Business around the corner.  Everything was going smooth until it was time to use the debit card which isn't set up for debits!

Thankfully, between the two of us we had the amount needed to get the truck.  Somehow Larry did not secure storage the day before so we did a swap which meant me emptying mine out, then the owner needed to make sure everything was out which she did while we were unloading my stuff at my house and getting Larry's stuff out of his apartment.

Larry is a 72 year old man with health conditions and I knew he would be just about useless.  What I did not know was that the stairs to his apartment were steep and narrow.  There were two pieces of furniture which we had to wrestle with and Tom and I almost got killed by his 300 lb wardrobe when it let loose down the stairs we were at the bottom of!

The legs to the table were another thing.  I managed to get two of them off on one side and was determined to get it out cuz I own it now!!  It is a beautiful heavy solid piece of nice wood.  My son is pissed because that makes three tables, a breakfast bar and the table top to the very first table I ever bought now.  I think we are good with workspace now!

I can't tell you how amazingly good it feels to have all of my stuff which I have left in one place.  Now I know that when Tom (ex) let me keep my stuff in his garage he did not return all of it to me when he put my stuff outside and drove away when he arrived three years ago.  I knew it was a huge mistake to even trust the guy with my stuff ~ the lesson is learned from a few different directions from that guy ~ it didn't even bother me when he saw us helping Larry out and shook his head in disgust at the sight of me ~ I just laugh at that loser now!  Good riddance to bad pennies!

I will enjoy being a person in the world which irritates him to see, since I am and hope to continue to be until the day one of us dies ( I hope he goes before me!)  I am so glad that the sight of him doesn't phase me like I do to him!  As far as I am concerned he is a non entity.

I was changing a box of my favourite video cassettes into a less damaged box and realized there were a bunch of my cassette tapes in the box and I totally scored there.  I found the yellow cassette with all three of my boys ages 9 months, 4 years and 8 years in my box from a "jam session" they had at my best friends house in his music room which he taped all those years ago!

I thought it was lost and gone forever!  To hear their little boy voices as they did a show as "Patallica, and Vange Halen,  banging on the drums and Patrick at 4 singing the song to Arabian Nights is PRICELESS!!!!
It happens to be my most valuable possession.  I cherish it more than any/all of my books and you know how dear they are to me.

The most difficult part of the day ~ the wardrobe was even trickier to get in though the short door of the storage area.  We were done in a flash with only gassing the truck and the final paperwork for the storage container for Larry to complete.

We went to the gas station and Larry wanted to throw in $10.00 which I told him was too much so we put in $5.00.  I am glad we did because Gina, asked when she checked out the truck how we only went three miles and got everything done.  It wouldn't even have been that far except we had to drive to the gas station (one thing we don't have in our immediate neighborhood).

(This just reminded me to call and let them know I was unable to lock the stupid gas cap on the truck!) I am good at most things but not that one in particular.)

So we arrived back home to a half buried kitchen having just put some things which were basement things in the basement and the rest in the kitchen for in house storage.  My son called and ordered pizza with his money and my landlord came over to get his loot for another month.

Before my landlord and the pizza arrived I had my kitchen in order yet again.  Sorted shoved in closets and ready for another days worth of work sorting and repacking.  Now I have about 15 boxes to go through instead of 5.  Woe is me and Joyful am I both at the same time.

The only thing left really is to take apart my dining room table which I think I am going to use in my room and bring in the new table, put on the two legs and enjoy.  No leaf to put in it is one piece so that is cool.  That will motivate me to actually set my room up.

My room is always the last room in the house to be done.  I have only lived here two years going on three in May so it is about time for me to be settled in for sure.  My landlord said he found a new tenant ~ another "quiet lady".

He said that about the last one, so we shall see!  As long as she doesn't move 6 people in a one bedroom it will all be good, although I wish my girl Lisa had loved it!  Oh well.  Life is good and then some!  I am going to focus on the positive and enjoy this feeling for a while!

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