Monday, April 14, 2014


It has once again been a while since I have last written anything, again ~ not for lack of wanting to, more a lack of time over all.  I have been busy learning new things, spending time with my favourite granddaughter, finishing (finally) all the levels and town goals on my game before they close it, and adjusting to life with my son back in my "time zone" instead of me getting sucked into his.

I helped my friend Lisa, who is an artist mount her canvas on a board ~ something I have never done before, never even really thought about all the steps serious artists have to learn, know and go through to get a piece finished and ready to show and sell.

Being a paper user mainly and no canvas (yet) and only displaying what I create in house without too much concern about framing which ideally would "finish" a piece ~ I have a lot of unfinished creations, even with my crafts the finished box is full, but what do you do with them then especially if you are me (a person who thinks they need to be touched up even when they are fine!).

I am currently so overwhelmed with the arrival of all of my stuff from storage.  You know that the five boxes of stuff I needed to go through for the past few years ~ multiply that by 10 and then consider the job of organizing everything down into category.

Between the camping/outdoor gear, Holiday decorations, miscellaneous crap all mixed together I have one huge task ahead of me.  Since everything  is now just shoved into whatever random closet/storage space including the basement I have a great need to group like things and get it together.  It is my next huge project. It will be ongoing that is for sure and once it is done life can resume order again.

It has really left me distressed since moving in 2008 ~ (when everything I owned was organized and in order. I could put my fingers on any item we owned within 5 minutes (sometimes 10 if it was in a box but I knew what box!)

This is life as I know it now.  I have been missing the order of life as I knew it then.  Location does not really make a difference in reality (although I do prefer my country house to this city living).  I do, however like to/need to have that order in my life wherever I reside.

When I moved to West Stockbridge in the early 1990's, we moved into Dave's apartment which was already set up.  The kids toys and things were set up in one attic quite nicely and the other attic had all of my belongings and furniture.  The only things we used of ours were our clothes and games and music pretty much.

When I left West Stockbridge it was like Christmas unpacking my boxes and seeing all of the things which make up my life and ever since then I kinda like to have my stuff where I can see and enjoy it.  Most definitely I like to take stock now that it is all back in the house so to speak.

We found a box of toys which I left out for Ainsley last week.  Inside the box are many little toys and things.  Among those toys was a bunch of tops ~ still in the package from the 90's ~ they have a spinner which is battery operated and now that I have full powered batteries in it they spin like mad.

I think that you are supposed to be able to stack them and spin them all at once but I have yet to succeed at that.  After Ains left I was picking up and checking out some of the little toys.  Many of them are from the kids meals and some of them are really cool wind up or action toys (my personal favourite).

You guys probably don't know that I am like a over sized kid.  My kids all think and say they are older than me and I admit at times I think they are right.  I am the woman who will walk down the toy aisle and see a toy that makes noise or sings and I will activate a whole shelf of them.  Yes, I know what you are probably thinking..., it is fun!!!! (you should try it if you never have!)

 With the weather beginning to warm up and the ground drying out (not much of a mud season in the city as opposed to the country, it will soon be time to go to the playground with my monkey girl.  I cannot wait!  It was rainy the other day when she was here and a bit cold as well but soon enough it will be just right.

I am looking forward to Friday.  I am also hoping it is a warm and springlike day as I get to hang out with my granddaughter while her parents work and if she has her way she will be sleeping over.  It is the beginning of April Vacation and Easter Sunday.

She got new shoes with heels (her first pair) which she wore over on Friday evening, wearing her cute little heart dress and sweater.  She was quite the young lady at 6 years old.  With the heels came the girl attitude as well.  She is really growing up!  I do love that little girl!  I cannot wait for Friday!

So I have written in my head all week and this isn't it ~ funny how that happens.  Oh well, it is what it is!  I have to go get dinner in the oven and maybe even write part 7 of Unexpected (which has been laying neglected for at least a month now ~ it is a good thing I have the next part written in my head just waiting for more TIME!.

With some discipline and a kick in the paints from myself to myself I will find the balance to do all that I need to do and want to do!  Until next time...

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