Thursday, April 17, 2014


This week has been working out like a dream in itself.  I made it to the supermarket (with a ride) Thanks Lisa! got my holiday ham and supplies for the month, cooked meatballs and sausage for Friday when my granddaughter comes over for the day (and night I hope!) and wrapped and frozen the meat to get us through the month.

When I got back from the store my middle son phoned.  I think he was expecting to have to bring me shopping.  A favour I hate to ask anyone for, but around the holiday feast he is more agreeable to it.  He sounded disappointed that I had already gone and gotten the feast food.

He mentioned hoping to have Turkey or Roast Beef, which is funny because all of the previous holiday conversations over the years have made Ham the meal for Easter.  I told him if he wanted to get either a turkey or a roast beef he could be my guest.  It has been a while since we have had a duel meat meal (over a year at least.)

My eldest son and his family are going to her Mom's house.  Of course I am sad but understanding but we will miss them at our table to be sure!  Besides I get to have Ainsley all day Friday and like I said Friday night if I am lucky.

Part of the reason I did not begin my huge organization project is due to the Holiday on Sunday.  I knew I would be putting too much pressure on myself.  I know I will be making a huge mess in the process which will not be able to be quickly sorted out.

Getting organized and sorting is a process all in itself.  One I have done a few hundred times by now.  When I moved back here in 2008 everything was sorted and organized and then I moved into an apartment where the landlord had attic access and my organization was lost as I found out when I moved and I found stuff from the 90's which should have been with other stuff from the 90's in with currant stuff.  To tell you the truth I was not too happy about that and I was thinking I was going crazy when I would hear noises in the attic late at night.

Live and learn I always say.  I learned then that people are not always what/who they appear to be and that people can be real lowlifes.  Not to speak ill of the dead, but what comes around goes around and I was not sad to hear of his passing a couple of years later.

So in between all of this shopping and cooking I have been trying to keep warm.  A cold front came through to rip our nice spring weather out from under us and we even had some snow.  Not a foot or anything, just enough to coat the ground and keep the temperature down.

I am pissed cuz I actually did shave my legs with the coming of the warm weather and was looking forward to be wearing shorts and working on my tan!  My son is beside himself with the April snow.  He forgets that it is not unusual here in the Berkshires for us to have peculiar weather such as it is!

I got my 7th part written and published on my story and I am happy with it.  I hope those of you who are reading it are enjoying it as well.  I promise next time that it will not be so long between publications.  Not promising one before Sunday as I am behind in other writing projects as well, but you never know!

I am looking forward to Easter.  It will be the first meal at the "new" table.  I have to de-clutter the dining room since it is once again full of Art stuff.  I have a couple of days for that, as I am sure we will be doing some Art stuff Friday finishing off painting the ceramic Easter Eggs which were my "surprise" a couple of weeks ago.

I am sure I will have time to write again before now and Sunday, but in case I am not able to do so I would like to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful and joyous Easter Sunday!

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