Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I accomplished sweeping out the entire downstairs constituting a record for me!  That marks the first time that my entire downstairs got swept out within a week of the last time which was not caused by a spill or mishap which could not be simply overlooked!

I am making fun of myself.  I remember the days when I would mop my entire downstairs twice a day ~ once in the morning and once in the evening regardless of whether they needed it or not.  That was when I had babies crawling and toddling around.

A time when I needed to fill every waking moment with activity regardless of what was going on.  It used to drive people crazy ~ and it took many years of reconditioning where I could actually sit down and visit and keep my focus on the visit, the t.v. show, the movie ~ whatever was going on.

My accident kind of forced the new behaviour on me.  Having to learn what my limits were ~ when I never had a need for limits and just did everything.  Working at Friendly's we always had to be busy as well, whether we had customers or not with cleaning or stocking until we got busier than busy could be!

Having three boys within 4 years of each other kept me pretty busy as well.  I ran a pretty tight ship and required things from them despite doing things for them as well.  When they were little they were well trained ~ putting dirty clothes in the laundry, picking up after themselves, when Thomas was still in the walker I could never do the laundry by myself, he was always wanting to help put the clothes in the dryer.

Living in the country was an entirely different set of "chores" and responsibilities.  Not only was the house in order but there were just under two acres and we burned wood as well in our wood stove.  I think I was in culture shock when I moved back to the "City"

Living in an apartment without anything else to take care of but the living space. You were lucky to have a yard!  Now I have a yard but am not obligated to do work, there are men for that, but I am eager to plant my garden this year and get my hands dirty.

I miss the earth and the dirt and the country, walking in the woods and sitting by the river in the morning with my tea, listening to the brook with the sun on my face and my dog by my feet, ideal memories and ones I count as wonderful blessings.

I just wish the weather would finally get warm and stay warm!  The day was warm yesterday and cold today.  I had to put my heat back on to get out the chill and I am wearing a sweater and still feeling a chill.  No way to get over the sniffles for sure!

My friends daughter is coming up from South Carolina in 20 days for a visit for 10 days.  She and my youngest son used to go to gymnastics when they were four (it was more like group play than gymnastics).  We are looking forward to her visit, but it made me question whether I was ready to tackle that huge project at this time.

20 days would give me a deadline indeed but what if I fail?  Then I would have a huge mess with company in the house and I am not too keen on that idea at all!  I am thinking I need to think about a way to do it in stages, so I organized one of my three shirt drawers since everything was all mixed together and crammed in there.

I am taking baby steps on this one ~ the table in the room is an awesome idea as far as I am concerned.  It is really giving me another place besides my bed to utilize as a work area, which means that if I don't finish I can still go to sleep without having to move everything!

On a side note ~ although I have only written two days in a row, I am finding it easier to write today than I did yesterday.  I didn't erase the opening line five times today ~

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