Monday, April 28, 2014


Life has been a combination of fun and busy mixed with a bit of necessary relaxation for recuperation to go along with it.  The weather has been gloomy, cold and rainy with an occasional nice day thrown in ~ just enough for me for one to pick up the sniffles to boot!

Today was a back to normal Monday with my normal afternoon appointment.  I was tired after walking thirty feet but made it to the store and to the library before racing from the library with two minutes before I was late.

My doctor was late too ~ no big deal, he has interesting magazines in his office ~ the ones with articles I find informative and they keep me slightly up to date as I live in my own world and too much information will (especially negative news) will give me overload especially with the internet and so much out there to overload ones entire system!

Sometimes I just like to live in ignorant bliss.  I get tired of hearing about how everyone on the planet has a secret agenda between the food and the water, the fracking, corruption, strife, struggle, war and pain.  Give me my comfortable bubble which I inhabit any day!

My problems are enough for me!  I know that sounds selfish and on some levels it is.  My struggles are the same as a majority of people on the planet, still trying to figure out how to do more than survive from day to day, week  to week, month to month.  I can deal with that, much beyond that I can't really say.

That is why I focus on the nice, warm, cool, fun, productive and colorful.  Family, food and fun is where my focus is and should be with some Art and Music and a bunch of good and bad t.v. thrown in along with the computer for a mild distraction and some warm weather and sunshine and I am good, good, good.

I did attend a meeting tonight ~ or half of one anyway.  In my defense, I thought it was only an hour long when I left and when my son phoned after the hour to let me know dinner was ready I kind of just left, thinking that it was almost over, when it had an hour left to go.

I did miss some good info ~ which two of my friends will fill me in on more completely over the next few days I am sure.  It is about Art Space ~ what is needed/wanted and where the art community sees itself going over the next ten years.  Part of Community Development.

Since I loosely consider myself a "artist", am a fan and supporter of the arts and seem to be most comfortable in this arena I figured it would not hurt to attend.  I have three pages of notes.  I initially went to put in my two cents ~ (which I did not do) regarding a need for computer/printing access, mainly for the printing since I don't have any hard copies of the pages I write.  One of these days I would like to look at everything I have written over the past almost two years.

I have also been super busy with my pepper plants for my first real garden in this place.  I still have to go out and dig up the area and maybe add some good soil to revive the soil that is there to give it a boost.  I have many jalapeno (hot) developing into some nice looking plants and my green peppers are a bit slower but should be good soon.

My friend Lisa took me on a journey the other day and we visited her friend who gave her some tomato plants and she gave me some so now I have tomatoes which I hadn't planned on planting, along with my green beans and cukes, I think we will be eating fresh grown veggies this year!!!

My friend John also gave me some magic plant stuff which is full of vitamins and oxygen which he mixed up for me which I have been using on all my plants.  I can tell you that after I did some pruning on the base of my pineapple over one night it began to sprout roots!!!  I may actually succeed in getting one in dirt after all!! 

Thomas also helped me put the table top on the "old" dining room table in my room so now I have a work space in my room.  It has already come in handy, although I haven't begun my major project yet.  I am thinking of beginning with the holiday decorations and going from there.  

I know I am going to make a huge mess and I am not sure if I am ready to look at a huge mess for the week or so it will take me to organize it, but it may be just what I need to do in order to motivate myself!  As always I can think of 10 reasons not to start the project.  More than likely the simple act of putting away the Easter decorations will lead to the beginning and before I know it all will be well and in order in my land, balance restored!

Life has been looking better and better through my eyes over the course of the past two months for what reason ~ I am not entirely sure, whether it has been my outlook or just a series of fortunate events rather than unfortunate for a change ~ a much welcome change for that matter!  I am sure not complaining!

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