Friday, July 31, 2015


Being involved in the Art World is so much fun for me.  I love meeting Artists, grouping their work together and sharing it with the world (in this case who ever has the time and energy to go to the Whit).

Since beginning in February with Richard Britell at the Whit I have learned so much about Art, and organization.  I spend about 35 hours a week now, gathering info, contacting artists, doing paperwork, planning for the next two months, and Art Talks. It gives me great pleasure indeed.

My life would be less fulfilling if I wasn't doing what I am learning that I love to do.  It makes me very sad, however, that when I put together great shows, the lack of support and attendance for the Whit.

It would be nice if the Gallery had some hours that people would be able to view the Art, but the art is just a backdrop for all of the wonderful music events which is the primary focus of the Whitney Center for the Arts.

Yesterday I went to Hudson to pick up one of my artists for the art talk, having been told the night before the Director would not be there and I would have to be there for 5:00 p.m.  Fortunately Dan Rupe is as flexible as he is awesome and was able to adjust his schedule to be picked up earlier so we would be on time to be there to open the doors and meet Eileen Murphy arriving from New York City.

Arriving back from Hudson for the talk with Dan in hand (or car) we had to stop at my house so I could get out of my traveling clothes and freshen up.  I was grateful I had found time to do the dishes and tidy up the kitchen before I left.

I produced some iced coffee and went into the living room to tidy up and deposit Dan in the A.C. with my Dad while I got ready.  Ghazi had phoned my home and when I called him back I found that he WAS going to be there so that canceled out the need for us to be there to open the doors.

It had been a crazy day, arriving at the top of Warren Street in Hudson, stopped at a red light, I heard the blasting of a train horn, and was wondering why it sounded so loud.  I was at the front of the line and my Dad was saying "Train" but it wasn't registering.

At last it registered that there was a train on my right and I was between the two white lines ( a little close for the train, and my Dad pointed that out as I backed up a few minutes, shut off the car and wondered who puts train tracks in the middle of the road in a city without a barrier arm?!!!??

The train passed and I found a parking space, fed the meter and showed my Dad the wonderful world of Warren Street, Carrie Haddad Gallery, Carrie Linden and Lena, and Nolita the best little Cafe with Jennifer warmly greeting me and asking how it's going - where they have the best and very reasonably priced menu..  We returned Reggie Madison's art pieces from the Assemblage Show and visited a few minutes with him.

I am loving Hudson even more than I did the first visit there with Richard which seems so long ago, but in reality was only a year ago.  It is even more fun without him, truth be told, as I have been meeting and making the acquaintances of many good people, artists and gallery owners and the general population as well.

We were early and with time to kill, so after walking my Dad up and down Warren Street and before the meter expired, we made it back to the car and did an exploratory trip around town while it was raining.

I wanted to go home the same way I came through NY and not Great Barrington, something I have not previously succeeded at, so I wrote down all the roots so I could backtrack and yesterday I did a test run and finally figured out my mistake, which saves an extraordinary amount of time cutting out that piece of it.

On the way back to get Dan I had to stop for another train - go figure - two in one day, where I had only had that experience once about 15 years ago in Lee.  We laughed, Dad and I, as the arm fell and the train passed, clearly seeing and hearing the train this time!  It finally passed and we still were early so I decided to take a drive down to the train station.

I saw a sign for the Hudson - Athens Lighthouse and after a few minutes finally found the very unclear marked path to it's location.  It was nice to see the actual subject matter of a couple of Dan Rupe's paintings I had shown in July.

We learned that Thursday night isn't really a good night for art talks, judging by the size of the audience.  I don't really think Summer is a good time for art discussions actually considering the abundance of events going on here, but that is just my opinion.

Eileen and Dan were great sports and very thoughtful and entertaining with their answers and all and all it was a good event.  Eileen bagged up her work and her Dad had to take her to the train so she could head back to NYC.  I was very happy to meet her and look forward to seeing how she progresses in her creativity!

We took Dan's work and loaded it in my Dad's car, picked up Thomas and headed back to Hudson to return Dan and his works back to his lovely home.  It was sad saying goodbye, but I know it is not forever!  Dan is and always will be my favorite Queen!  I loves him!!!

He has a great show of his Marilyn works up in The Rose Gallery at 238A Warren Street (we stopped in for a minute) and I got to meet Nancy Cobean the Director, as she was walking out the door, and back in to chat with Dan, my Dad and myself.

Dan's show opened on the 17th and will be up for a while longer - Marilyn looks marvelous in the window and adorning the walls on the right side of the room, while amazing colorful painting adorn the left side!  I hear tell of a rumour that the Marilyn's might make their way to NYC for a show!!!

That will be an event not to be missed so as Dan and I hugged our farewells before hitting the road back to Mass, I told him to keep me posted and I would see him there for his opening!  Putting it out there into the atmosphere.

Two more pieces of work to procure before the day is out - by three everything will be in the building and I can begin to plan my strategy.  The Women's Show is going to be great!  I picked all of my favourite Pittsfield and surrounding areas artists to celebrate Women!

Ghazi asked me last night what my favourite piece was in the show - you know I couldn't answer that, how could anyone?  When you pick your favourites from your favourites they are all my favourites!

Autumn Doyle created two new magnificent photographs for the show.  Each are excellent - one shows a fierce huntress and one shows a Goddess - which are perfect!

Susan Aldam has a piece of Women Dancing in abstract form which I love!

Jackie Kearns - well she was one of my first choices for the May Show with Michael Rousseau and Douglas Paisley, but due to scheduling conflicts couldn't participate - so I was excited to get a yes for the Women's Show!

Each and everyone of the twelve women I chose for this show do different styles and use different mediums.  I am so very excited to be presenting each and every women and each and every piece!  I was delighted with the excellent responses and I hope I can do their works justice in my layout! 

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