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I have 487 Gliphs here on Glipho who is shutting down their wonderful site on August the 14, which for me sucks!  I have now decided that I will not be happy unless I reach 500 Gliphs before that date.  
I am not sure where to begin and may go catch up on my writing challenges which I missed over the course of the 8 months I was without my computer and with Richard and unable to write.  I will miss those weekly writing challenges, those chapter writings and everything else I have done here on glipho.
Most of all I will miss the wonderful community of writers!  I have noticed more Google followers and hope that they are coming from here!  
I can always be found @ and my email will always be  Feel free to friend me, write to me and keep in touch!  I already miss Glipho and they haven't gone yet!
Many thanks to Roger for starting up the sight and trying his best to keep it going!  I have had a fantastic three years and have discovered my love of Fiction writing as opposed to just LiveJournal and sharing my real life stories.
Who knows - maybe someday I will write something worth publishing and then I expect each and everyone to buy a book!  ;)  Fingers crossed that WILL happen  (writing the book, although it would be nice if I do if everyone of you buys it!)

The challenge continues, and so do I continue the Challenges - 

Here is the first post to achieve my goal of 500 gliph total before Glipho shuts down:


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Summer is coming!  Summer is coming!  It had been 20 years since the sun had shone and the grass and flowers had grown.
We danced with glee as we saw the signs of spring - warmer temperatures, little snippets of green poking through the ground - frozen for so long.
The younger children looked at us as though we had lost our minds.  They had no idea what Summer was or what we were so excited about.  They had lived their entire lives blanketed in the cold and snow which had covered the land for such a long time.
They were scared as the whiteness had disappeared - being all that they had known.  Worried it was the end of the world!  They had no concept of warm sun, walking around in green grass barefooted without the need for warm clothing and shoes, without wind and snow.
They were in for a treat!
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