Monday, July 20, 2015

fear - my latest Glipho writing challenge


The zombies stood together, looking at the reactions of the "living" running in  chaotic mad confusion at the sight of the group.  They could not understand what they were seeing, as they did not know they were zombies.

Suddenly, they were getting pelted by bottles, cans, rocks - whatever was within reach.  It took only minutes for them to become the ones running in confusion.  Still they could not understand what they were seeing.

They had been minding their own business, the five of them, one a mere youngster, walking down the street when they came upon a busy intersection.  While waiting for the light to change the scene had begun to unfold.

They ran in fear from the crowd which found them a threat although they had done nothing to invoke such behaviour.  They ducked and darted, at last escaping the crowd. Wondering what  the future would bring.

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