Sunday, July 5, 2015


Sharing a couple of my latest Glipho writing challenges with my blogger readers; 


The phone rang three times before I answered it.  I put the phone to my ear, trying to catch my breath, I paused before saying "Hello".
For a second there was just dead air.  No response.  As I was getting ready to hang up a voice faintly spoke.
"Help me" it said in a shaky quiet voice.  In the background, I could hear the sound of what sounded like a chainsaw.
"Hello?!?" I said, again, "Who is this?, where are you?"  I asked in rapid succession.
"help me" fainter now, the sound of the saw getting louder through the phone.
I listened, uncertain what to do as I heard screams, through the phone.  I put the phone down, ran to get my cell to call 911.  
As I ran to my cell, I could hear a saw outside and screams.

*            *                *                  *                  *


I had to lie in order to survive.  To believe that you used me from the start would truly break my heart.
I lied after our first fight, thinking it would be alright since we talked and resolved what made you mad.
I lied before you went away, saying it was okay that you took away my voice, giving me no choice.  Smile on my face.
I had to say I was okay when you went away, left me alone, blaming it on me, never saying more than I made you feel like four.
I lied and went along when you didn't want people to know that you were now alone.
I lied and said it was okay each and every day after you left for you to verbally abuse me, but it made me see the man you really were.
I lied to myself so many times.  

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