Friday, July 3, 2015



Unwilling to accept the death of the body, the brain tried hard to get some controlled response.  A finger wiggle, a blink of an eye, something, anything at this point would be nice, it thought to itself as it struggled with the body screaming at it to listen and respond.

Soon, the spasms stopped, the breathing slowed.  The brain knew it was useless, but kept trying. Growing more desperate by the second.  Each beat of the heart and intake of air into the lungs was a blessing, but being the brain it realized it would soon be over.

Memories of life in this body flashed quickly by.  Beat, beat, breath in, sigh and goodbye!

Sharing with my Blogger readers who are not glipho members.  Most recent 150 word writing challenge.  Hope you enjoy it!  thanks for reading.

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