Monday, July 27, 2015


We made it through week 1 with Dad staying at my house after his 2 month rehab stay where he had to stay off his feet so his hip fracture could heal.  It seemed like a blink of an eye between the Dr. saying he could do weight bearing exercises and go home.

Life has been interesting.  I now am a maid, a nurse and a social director on top of it all!  It is a trip to watch a person be more needy than they really are.  I would laugh, if I had the energy, when I ask where he put his prescriptions and even after looking for three days can't find them although they haven't left the house, but he can tell you how to get to a new casino complete with driving directions which he heard once!

For some reason, my Dad needed to transition at my house.  The only thing he failed in the Occupational Therapy was following directions and filling his pill containers.  That doesn't surprise me.  He is not a person who can follow simple directions.

So now, I fill pill containers, red for morning and white for daytime.  His choice, which should make it simple.  The other night after a musical event I brought him home and headed out to check the last set of a band.  I go home, silly on a glass of wine.

Dad was up in bed and Tom was waiting for me.  "Gramps messed up.  He took his day meds at night"  Thank God for the wine - all I could do was laugh for want of crying.  Glad he didn't have wine while we were out, puzzled that he could make that mistake.

Thankfully, I have Thomas to lend a helping hand.  He has been great in the kitchen helping me cook and always looking out to make sure Grampa is comfortable.  The blind leading the blind sort of, but Tom is a good kid.  The new situation has helped him get out into the world on our weekly back road rides and become an amateur photographer fulfilling two things which have been lacking in his life - going out of the house and a hobby!  He is pretty good too!

This week is going to be a huge test.  Doctors appointments intermingled with two Art Talks, the removal of an art show, the set up of the August Show.  I didn't consider, when working with 12 Artists the magnitude of organization and timing.

I normally have been doing 3 artist shows, but this month we are celebrating women with the College Club bringing their 100 Year Journey to The Whit to be previewed in the Colt Gallery.  I thought it would be fitting to celebrate women in Gallery W and the magic number settled on 12.

The submissions and paperwork are mainly done, still need a couple of prices to complete the label list, go over everything, dot my "i"s and cross my "t"s.  While at the same time in order to fulfill the advertising deadline on August 7 gathering together what I need to present for the September Show.

It really sucks having the deadline the day of the opening, and it wouldn't be so bad if we had a normal year in advance schedule for the Gallery.  But we don't.  As a volunteer "Gallery Manager" complete with business cards, and the only volunteer working on these Art Shows, Art Talks and Gallery I don't think it will happen (the year in advance schedule that is).

This morning one of the Hudson Painters from the July Show is making a trip to town to check out my show, as well as other Venues in the area on the Art Field Trip.  I am honored to meet Leigh Palmer and his wife and get their feedback on the layout and the Whitney as well.  I showed the Art yesterday afternoon and straightened paintings and moved this here and that there in preparation of the visit in hopes of having no surprises this morning when I walk in there.

So I woke up early to be awake and enjoy the solitude of the morning.  Dad is now sleeping in the living room,  I guess he decided to try that out last night since walking up and down the stairs (and not sideways like they taught him) is bothering him.  I say I guess he decided to sleep in the living room as he fell asleep on the mattress with his shoes on watching the game and he is still there this morning.

Poor Thomas, I wonder what state his room was in when he went to bed last night after my Dad has been living in there for 10 days.  I am sure whatever state it is in Tom will manage to get a good night (days) sleep in there regardless.

I can only pray for the strength and energy to make it through this week and the next one to boot.  I can feel the stress creeping up into my shoulders and I am maintaining my composure most of the time and only worrying about 70% of the time, which I am sure will be increasing as the week goes on.

Thank God it is Monday and I get to go purge myself of the stresses of the week and get some tools and feedback on how to handle whatever comes my way over the course of the coming week.  Mental health is a wonderful thing and I plan on keeping mine healthy, if you know what I mean.

As the clock tick tocks and time goes past I have to pray it doesn't move too fast.  Miles to go before I sleep, pray that I don't fall too deep into the whole hole that is surrounding me!

Have a great Monday everyone and thanks for reading.

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