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My grand daughter and her cousin are sleeping over for the second time since baby Declan was born two weeks ago.  When I picked the girls up this afternoon - after the rain, my grand daughter asked if we could go to the Cottage for a swim.
I looked at her and asked her if she had her swimsuit, nope (good thing I only drove 20 feet away), I put the car in reverse and parked.  I asked her cousin if she had her swimsuit - yup.  Ains ran in and out in a flash - beach bag in hand.
She jumped back into her seat and buckled up.  I locked the doors and headed home.  It had just finished raining and steam was rising from the tar on the road along the way.  It was so humid, hot and sticky.  I was hoping my Uncle would say yes.  I knew it would be alright, Ains has him wrapped around his little finger!
We arrived home and I called.  He said yes, so I grabbed a bathing suit and towels for all of us, rolled a few cigs, grabbed the keys and back into the car we went.   I had dropped Tom off earlier at his brothers - eager not to spend the evening with three girls; and then my Dad back at the hospital before getting the girls when the gas light came on, so I knew I needed gas before heading out.
We grabbed some gas and the girls decided to count flags on the way to the Borough.  I enjoyed the drive along once familiar roads, which have once again become a part of my life.  I was lost in my own thoughts along the way and we rode in silence.
Once I pulled into the driveway the conversation began about the flags - one got 16 and one got 19, "did you see those three little ones"; "no did you see..." as they got out of the car gear in hand ready for the lake.
Matt was sitting on the lawn sofa overlooking the dock and the lake as we walked towards him.  We were chatting as we walked, but Ain's told us to be quiet so she could sneak up on him and surprise him.
The girls went into the house to get changed.  Did I mention that Haley had fractured her wrist the day before?  She was allowed to swim but had to be careful not to bump it or use it.  She doesn't have a cast yet but that is next.
Ainsley jumped right into the water, Haley was a bit slower but soon each of them was swimming and laughing in the water.  Just two days before Ainsley would not jump off the end of the dock and today - she did it!
She also overcame her fear of going under the dock, since hitting her head during a swim under there the previous year which she labeled "the worst day of her life" at 7!  I was watching her from shore when she did it and gave her a thumbs up - knowing the significance and she thumbs up me back - smile on her face, happy I had noticed.
The girls had diving masks on and Ainsley's had fallen off her head into the water while she was standing on the dock.  After letting the water settle they began the search.  Of course it was near the end of the dock and it was before Ains jumped off the end so she just felt with her feet near the dock while her cousin swam down with the goggles.
Ains thought she had found them, but when Haley went down it was a broken plastic cup which she tossed aside into the water as I was about to tell her to give it to me.  Instead she tossed it to the right of her.
Just when they were ready to quit Haley went over to where she thought the cup would have landed and stepped on what she thought was the cup in the muck of the lake bottom (always the worst feeling when you step there) she dove down only to come up with the missing goggles which had drifted a few more feet away than I would have expected!
Success and happiness!  They got out of the lake and dried off and got dress as a large cloud formed above us.  I gathered things together and picked up the masks and put them away.  5 ducks swam over and one climbed on the raft that was out by the dock.
I went out on the dock and shooed them away.  Waiting until they were well past the dock before I went back on shore.  No sooner had I got on the grass when they swam back and were headed for the raft again.
I grabbed my keys and went back out on the dock, shaking the keys and shooing them away once more.  making sure they were well away before leaving my position on the dock.  I looked out over the water at the Island and the mountains. 
Once familiar, still familiar.  A feeling of peace fell over me.  I have always loved the tranquility of the lake, the beauty of what is around had always captured my attention and this view is ingrained into my very heart and soul.  It was nice to see and feel it in person once again.
The girls finally came out.  Ains had to help Haley get dressed as she overdid it on the swimming.  It was going on 7 and we still needed to eat.  Ains couldn't remember if there was a grill at the Cottage, or else I would have brought the food with me!
We put the wet towels in the way back and the girls got into the back seat and buckled up as I got into the car and backed out of the driveway, choosing to go around the Park, another place full of memories, although it has changed a lot since I was a kid, no longer was the tree bench between the two pine trees and one of the pine trees was gone as well.
The back seat got awfully quiet as I drove home, choosing to go the quicker way, despite having spotted a frame I could have recycled the other way. I could tell there was some counting going on in the back seat.
We arrived home and the numbers were in the 50's and 60's.  The Borough had had an anniversary and lined the main street with 250 year town Flags and American Flags, so they hit the mother load in Flags. 
The girls mixed up some brownies added peanut butter and licked out the bowl while the brownies cooked.  I threw some burgers and fries on once they were done, mixed up a macaroni salad and we sat down to a feast.
The girls had gotten into their jammies when we got back home.  They were tired and it was already after 9:00 when we ate dinner and called homes to say good night.  They ate a bunch of brownies and were ready for bed.
They are snug as bugs in a rug nestled in my bed sound asleep as I write into the wee hours of the morning.  I said I wasn't going to but here it is 2 a.m. as I finish this off, ready to crawl into Tom's bed and thankful I thought to put one of my pillows in his room earlier.
I do enjoy having the pair of girls.  It means I will be able to sleep a little in the morning.  I need to remember to hide some of the brownies before I go to bed or they will be tweaked on sugar first thing!
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