Friday, November 1, 2013


Today I was on my Glipho site ~ another site I publish my blog on.  They have writing challenges.  Today's challenge was 150 words on any topic beginning with "I don't understand why...".  I for one have never participated in a challenge before.

I opened the page to begin the topic and drew a complete blank.  All afternoon as I was going about my business I was brainstorming and thinking about a topic.  Usually I would have no trouble in thinking of 5 things at least ~ but under the gun I had none.

I returned home and tried again.  No luck until the phone rang and it sparked my topic.  I also found it someone frustrating to keep within 150 words having 151 and then cutting it down to 140.  The final sentence took the longest!

It got 30 views off the top within a short while of publication so that cannot be too bad.  I am including it as part of my blog as it is my writing for the day.

I don't understand why I have an answering machine in my home.  More to the point ~ I don't understand why if you are calling and you receive an answering machine why you don't bother to leave a message.

Soon I will just do away with the home phone altogether as it is seen as rude and immature to try to guilt callers into leaving a message at the beep believe me I have tried!  I am almost at the point of either being downright rude about leaving a message at the beep but not quite!

I don't know how you feel about it but I for one feel that if your employer is paying you to make calls ~ maybe you would get a better response if you leave one at the beep.  Does anyone else understand why oh why they cannot reply?

Hope you have an awesome Friday!  I am beat after all the wonderful art during this Friday ArtWalk!  More to come tomorrow on that subject.  Have a good one ~ off to cook some morsels to snack on.

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