Monday, November 5, 2012


I for one believe that everything happens for a reason.  The people we meet, the experiences we have good or bad are meant to be.  I also believe that the things that don't kill us do make us stronger, shape us mold us, give us what we need - not necessarily what we want at the time - although at times we wish they would kill us!  Times like those, are the times that I really rejoice in the beauty around me!

I also believe that our brain is our greatest tool that we possess.  I sometimes say that my CPU is slow - but at times I think it is just going faster than I can comprehend!  I appreciate the fact that our brain is the thing that really keeps us alive and that it is smarter than we will ever be since we use only a small percent of it.

Today, I appreciate my brain for not only hiding the things that probably would have or could have killed me from my self.  I rarely acknowledge my lack of memories, but as they come back I realize that my brain is letting me remember things that would have hurt me at the time because of my weaknesses, so it is an indicator to me that I am stronger and more able to accept my reality.

I am also thankful for my heart.  I pray that I did not inherit the Buckley heart which will take me off of the planet too soon, before I do the things I want to do and just have to do!  I am thankful that it has been strong enough to let me overlook the pain and heartache, neglect and abuse.  I am grateful to feel the love that I have for my family and friends and pets.  Especially pets.

I feel very blessed today.  I love when affirmation comes out of no where.  Having been a product of negative reinforcement I am liking and accepting acknowledgements of my positive traits and qualities, which I have been unable to see with my eye even with deep introspection.

Thank you Universe for putting me on this path because it has never been dull, even when I have been alone!

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