Sunday, November 11, 2012


I want to share this picture of the Azores with you all.  I think it is beautiful and very familiar to me although I have never seen this before now.  It is more of a recognition by feeling.  I do hope one day to see for myself if, while walking or boating or being there if I feel the same that I do when I look at pictures of the Azores.

I wonder if it is true or myth that we inherit memories and skills through genetics or cells or whatever.  That is how I feel - like it is all familiar although I have never been there and have only recently seen so many pictures which have been shared with me?

Food for thought.


  1. ~ ourselves and our cells are made up of energy ~ the cells may die but the energy cannot be destroyed and it's energies pass on ~ hope you obtain your dream of standing on these sands one day ~

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