Thursday, November 29, 2012


Greetings everyone!

I am very happy and surprised to have such a varied audience reading my blog!  I never really expected anyone to read it at all, so imagine my surprise and delight when I looked at my stats and had over 800 page views - it seems like just two weeks ago I was almost at 500 page views!

With the holiday and all the celebrating and feasting over the past week with some 13 + people over three days I have been very blessed.  Blessed to be able to share what I do have with those who have not the family or the ability to have their own celebration.  I always welcome and feel honored to have many people at my table, scheduled or not!

To me that is what life is about!  I am also thankful for being able to accept the help from my friends, for the voice to ask and the people to ask for the help be it a roll of t.p and a bar of soap when there is no cash in the house for anything!  Thank you!  Less and less do I feel like I am on an island alone and lost, stranded in a boat without a paddle!

I would also like to address a few comments that I have received, one in particular, Richard - I am working on sharing more about myself - my childhood, my marriage and such, I do have awesome, funny and sometimes traumatic events in my life.  It makes for a slow process of sharing for me as I have to be careful not to set my progress back.  You see, I am a very private person, one thing you may not realize as I am sharing so much of myself on these pages.

A month or so ago when I was getting ready for my son to visit with his family and we had out the pictures - which I enjoy looking at and remembering my life by, seeing the boys in various ages and stages, the lives we have lived and the people we have known and in some cases no longer know.  The pain and the pleasure.  The pain still overwhelms me at times.  It triggers memories upon memories upon memories.  In my life I am not so fortunate to have one bad thing happen and deal with it - they come in multi-packs for me like a raging river trying to drown me!

Fortunately for me, in my work on  myself since 1999, when I made it my job as part of my recovery from my multiple auto accidents - having the time and the inclination, and also having acknowledged out loud the issues that I had been trying to not acknowledge to myself or any other human beings and having learned some tools along the way so that I don't completely lose my mind and so that I could relearn all of the other emotions besides sadness, pain and anger which dominated most of my life yet which did not take away my ability to see the silver lining or the sun on a dark day!

I made a promise to a very special lady, Lydia, whom I worked with for eight year that I would not regress that I would always strive to go further ahead and not behind.  I also told about my plans to write a book and that is tricky - some of the things that I need to say I can not even right down on paper - my brain prevents me still from remembering some things.

So do know Richard - that I am working on it!  I have to battle the brain!!  Unlock the puzzle!  I am confident that I can and will do this!  Thanks for your interest, your patience and your understanding!  Most of all thank you for your support!  I feel blessed and my smile is large and real!


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