Thursday, November 8, 2012

Walking through Time

Today I walked through time all the way back beyond ten even fifteen years, walking back to the neighborhood I grew up in.  How many times have I walked that stretch of road to go home.  Never thinking  that someday it would be a distant memory. 

 A walk filled with many sights taken for granted having walked that road five or six times a day from my trek in the city back home down Route 20, past the Friendly's and the Mc Donald's, beyond Mr. McCluskey's bridge over the river to his house where he had many mad, wild dogs - not too many people cut through his property.  You could never tell when the really mean ones would be lurking in the field waiting to pounce!

When I left my chiropractor's office today taking shortcuts to get me home - passing too near the crack house we accidentally rented a couple of years ago when we didn't know any better, down the hill and cutting  through a side street to take a river walk where I used to walk my dog five times a day when we lived in that bad apartment, how fortunate I was to have him to protect us!  There was a duck and a mallard on the river with a squirrel chirping madly at them as they ignored him from the water edge.

I paused halfway on a bridge over the river - looking up river and then down.  No fish but a discarded fishing  pole rested on the bottom.  When I got to the road I paused - to my left was a dead end - headed in the right direction for the adventurous unknown route through the woods - to my right the sidewalk and the main road.  I must be getting older - unless it was just my eagerness to see my old cherished friends - I headed for the road!

The walk seemed shorter to me than it ever had before in my life.  Perhaps because I was looking forward to the destination!

It was a wonderful day for me.  Sitting in my old neighbor's kitchen, drinking tea, catching up, remembering.  Knowing myself how much these people shaped my life with the love and kindness over many years which didn't change - has not changed and has withstood the test of time!

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