Wednesday, December 26, 2012


This morning, as the steam heat hisses through the radiators and the sun shines brightly out side, shining on my face as I write this, I feel so overwhelmingly happy by my awesome Christmas Day yesterday.  The waiting was the hardest part!  Time during the day to relax and finish up the odds and ends.  Never more organized for the day ever!

My middle son had to work until 2:00 and my oldest son's wife had to work at 4:00 so my guests began to arrive around 3:30 beginning with my Dad.  I had a little anxiety about my Dad most of all, as we had been struggling to find a balance in our relationship that works and his obsession with talking about his "friend" who I can't stand (that is another story) and no amount of compassion or earplugs would have helped if he didn't comply with the constant talk regarding said person.  Fortunately he accepted my one stipulation for his participating in our family Christmas, and he actually did not mention the name or anything about said person!  (I am not the only one who didn't want to hear about his friend for six hours - my sons and I are in agreement regarding the negative relationship my father has going on.)

So my Dad showed up, and then Tom's Dad showed up.  I opened up my gifts from my best friend Jen while Tom's father rousted him from his slumber and he joined us in the living room where we chatted and listened to Christmas music and had cigarettes and tea before my eldest son and his daughter arrived.  (We do not smoke around Ains).

Jeff arrived before Patrick and his Dad and Ainsley ran into the living room to see what loot was awaiting her!  So she opened her gifts from Tom and I as we waited for Patrick and Bruce.  It was so nice having everything ready and staying warm and not running around like a lunatic.  I am so glad I did an easy feast this year!

Ainsley loved her little shaky bee I got her and her dog purse never left her shoulder!  My Dad snapped the cutest picture of her and caught the surprise in her face!  No sooner had Ainsley opened her gifts, did Pat and Bruce arrive with more gifts for Ains and a couple of gifts for Tom and I.  I gave the boys their gifts from me, since we were all there and I opened mine from them at the same time.

I was blown away by the beautiful gift basket that my son Jeff and his wife Lisa made up for us.  They turned three little glass jars into a snowman, each compartment filled with goodies, with the top one marshmallows, with a little face drawn on, topped with a paper hat, the middle section hot chocolate and the bottom, Christmas candy - adorable!!  They also made some trivets out of tiles which they papered themselves and of course a jar of Christmas candy and bags of their Christmas cookies!  It was great!

Patrick and Bruce, knowing my love of Unicorns - and how could they not - unicorns run through my blood - always and forever - the Spirit of Untamed Beauty - which was our motto I do believe - Laura, Louise, Lori, Annie and I when we were young and wild girls - back in the day!

So these Anne Stokes Unicorns are simply amazing!  I tried not to let my eyes water too much when I saw them, but I had to pause and I think my sweet grand daughter noticed, which is fine, but the boys, the boys are a different story - no sentiment allowed - smiling!

The whole day was sentimental - having my boys and their Dad's and my Dad, Ainsley being the bonus!  A little girl in the house for Christmas!  Best gift ever!  The only thing that sucked was that her Mom had to work!  One day we will have a holiday feast together, in the mean time we are planning a meal on her day off!

The eight of us feasted on ham and potatoes, carrots and green beans - enjoying every morsel.  The conversation flowed and fun and laughter, clean plates - full bellies.  No room for dessert at that time!  But I enticed a couple of cookie eaters with a huge platter of family favorites which topped the donated cookie platter by far!

We finished putting batteries in the toys and Ainsley played and then we went on the porch and lit the awesome colorful sparklers which James had given me for Christmas!  It was so much fun on my back deck in the chilly December air!  It was worth it to hear the laughter and the look on everyones face - surprised each time just as the sparklers ignited!  It was an awesome way to end the evening!  Jeff and Ainsley having to go to spend time with other family members.

Cookies, conversation, family time, down to Pat, Tom, Bruce, my Dad and I - chocolate pie - relaxing in the glow of the Christmas lights.  Happiness!  Overwhelming happiness!  I think the best day ever and they have been amazing days lately!  Blessed with my change in perception, direction, attitude and being.

The guest left, Tom and I were left tired and happy!  Tom and I checked out the wonderful gifts and he even tried on the clothes I got him - and he will wear them!  Patrick never took his new hat off which I gave him either!!!  We shut down the house and went upstairs to watch t.v..  Happily exhausted from our busy week! We watched t.v. and he ate cookies!

The only bummer was I fell asleep at the end of the Dr. Who Christmas special so I will have to re watch the whole thing!  Not too bad of a bummer at that!  I slept so well!  Waking today to the cold, crisp air and bright, redeeming sunshine!

Best Christmas EVER!!!  Hope yours was too!

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