Thursday, December 27, 2012


The past couple of days have been deliciously relaxing when my tooth isn't killing me!  I have been trying to ignore my aching mouth for the past month or so, because of two reasons first I have been really busy and that is a grand excuse not having the time, the second is fear.

I am thankful that I have been busy.  It is easier to distract from a toothache if you have something to distract with.  The problem with this one is that I can't figure out the specific location - just the right side of my face - the pain isn't really localized.  It is also definitely nerve pain.  I have been going to the dentist regularly and have another scheduled appointment soon.  My fear lies in what the dentist told me the last time I was there.

I don't mind losing teeth, they can pull them if they need to, I just need my teeth.  I have grown rather attached to them over the years.  The problem for me is that the dental clinic if they hit a nerve during filling a tooth means that they pull the tooth.  I had to make them repeat that.  My brain can't conceive that notion, considering we are talking front teeth it freaks me out.  I don't mind root canals either, actually had one once and really enjoyed watching the dentist through his glasses.  I could have been a dentist in a past life.

I have never really been a vain person.  I used to take pride in my appearance - had to be together with a "T" before I walked out the door when I was younger.  Mostly, I don't really care - neat hair, clean face, body and clothes, unless I sneak to the store really quick and throw a hat on (who hasn't?) .  I barely even look in the mirror these days.  I am not one of those women who stroll about in public in pajamas although I do not mind trying to get away with having pajama days (just not out of the house).

I know I will feel better if I do go to the dentist.  We got hit with a snowstorm today and yesterday I went around thinking it was Monday and the clinic was closed.  Christmas really scrambled my calendar!  I guess tomorrow I will have to buck up and be a big girl!  It is Friday and I would hate to be trying to deal with this for yet another weekend!

The mind is a funny thing and here I go...facing one big fear after another.  The dentist did lead to the chiropractor and hopefully the trust grows so I can get the courage to seek out a primary doctor and get my health back in order.  Another New Year goal I hope to achieve!

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