Tuesday, December 4, 2012



   GOSSIP is something negative that is developed  and 

I personally hate gossip.  Being very familiar with having been gossiped and lied about I have tried to live my life without being one.  Don't get me wrong I do like to hear interesting true tales with a twisted or humorous outcome.  But I don't have time for hurtful, slanderous untruths told to hurt or discredit another human being.  In my experience, once you become a gossip you become a mean and hurtful being and it overtakes a person.  

I don't mind people talking about me.  I hope I am interesting enough to be talked about, or loved enough to be thought of, other than my children I have not created or made anything of importance and their importance is undecided - they are young they have lives to live.  So am I and you never know what I may do next!!

I was talking to my step-son today whom I randomly ran into and he is being slandered by his ex  and it is affecting his ability to see his children and get a job.  That makes me sad because this young man is a wonderful father and a hard worker.  He is trying and he is getting discouraged. All I could do was reassure him of his assets and give him a hug, tell him I love him and remind him not to do anything that will make it worse.

I know how he feels though, his father is my current ex and while I cannot talk about it he is hurting me by saying untruths about me.  The only thing that I can do is shake my head and know the truth is the truth and consider the source and pray for him.  It hurts when you can't help someone you love because they need to help themselves.  It makes me sad that my  newest lesson is the longest for me to learn and the most painful.  

Twenty five years to believe in  a false love and to accept the truth and know that love wasn't love is very hard to swallow.  I can handle it and accept it and move on.  The 17 years in the middle when I was hiding from the truth and reality were enough of a sacrifice.  It is freeing to know and accept reality.  It is painful too.  

Loss is loss and love is love.  Pain goes away in time.  The sun should rise and the birds will sing.  Flowers will bloom and my pain will end.  Smiles and tears will come and go.  I am good and I will continue to strive to be better.  I will never stop being me - being free.  Living, teaching, learning and growing!  

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  1. Clawdia you are AWESOME ~ your radiance shines brighter than any cloudy comments ever could ~ a bouquet of happiness should come your way!