Saturday, December 1, 2012

Morning View...

I sit in the early morning light, snow has been gently falling all night.  It coats my world sweetly and softly.  I listen to the sounds of Incubus "Morning View" which could be the soundtrack for my life sometimes, the words, the music, the flow.  Waking up today embracing the simple pleasures in my world.  Happy.

I understand this John Lennon quote.  I get it.  I live it.  The terminally confused do not surround me, they can look at me and not understand.  It is fine.  You may not know this like I do but it is the simple pleasures in life for me tea with sugar and cream, dogs to pet, cats who run out to greet me when I walk by.  Good friends, understanding and enlightenment.  Feeling the music and dancing!  Dancing when you are happy - not because you got what you wanted but because for a change you had a want that wasn't a need and you worked and obtained it!  Hard work pays off!  The affirmation and confirmation!

Feeling the love in my world - the love of the universe touching my soul sending a warm glow through my body - touching my soul and passing through me to everyone.  Loving the feeling and wishing every person on the planet were here also.

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