Friday, December 7, 2012


Last night I had the supreme pleasure of attending an amazing feast and Christmas Show at the Red Lion Inn, in Stockbridge, MA.  Not only is the Inn an amazing old place full of character and charm, the added pleasure of a wonderful old fashioned Christmas Show by Mary Verdi, Tony Lee Thomas and a group of amazing musicians!  With a children's choir and ballet dancers singing and dancing among the diners and Santa even made an appearance handing treats to the good little boys and girls!

It was so totally unexpected as my friend won tickets and we both have been blessed and totally loving how amazingly awesome that life has been.  Reaffirming to me that what comes around goes around!  Since I got to help my friend out in her store and picked two wonderful pieces of clothing that I totally adore, with no occasion to adorn the dress I was delighted when my friend invited me specifically so I would have the perfect place to wear it.  

I would never had been able to purchase said clothing as I am on limited income and the only things that I do by are necessities and I am not really a girlie girl, having raised three boys and lived in the country and having always been a nature and outdoor girl.  Don't get me wrong, I love to dress up, but I am not that girlie.  In my heart of hearts though, I would be one of those dress up girls if I had it all to do over again.  Over the past two years I have been trying to get out of my concert t-shirt and blue jean wardrobe.

It was overall magical and wonderful!  I love how after the performance Mary, a friend of Mike's remarked on how I was smiling throughout the whole evening.  She is correct, the atmosphere, the company, the entertainment were perfect.  It reminded me of the good old days before I was born when it was common to have live dinner entertainment!  I would have loved to live and experience those days!  Thank you Mary and the Red Lion Inn for providing a modern day version of that time!

Jen and Mike at the Red Lion Inn Christmas Show 2012

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  1. musicians included Charlie Tolkraz on horns, flutes, ect; Eileen Markland, known for work with Rakish Paddy and Berkshire Symphoniam and chamber groups; Dave Christopolis on upright bass (sometimes bowed); Chris Mattoon on snare, cymbals, and additional percussion; and Benny "Fingers" Cohn on keyboards.