Saturday, December 22, 2012


The "Eye" in London, amazing in purple

Winding down from one major project after another these days with Christmas just days away, I found this amazing purple picture which prompted me to do another thing I like to do these days when I have a minute and just write.

I am really enjoying the purple glow off of the lights and the various shades of colour, and the colour is what it is all about. It is symbolically a good sign for me to come across a nice purple picture, when I am feeling down they cheer me up, this one is a prize, as a reward for making my deadline, and making my list and getting it together for the Christmas Feast.

Silly me, did not think too much beyond the baking session, more than twenty hours of prep and baking time and it really isn't over yet as those were gifts and now I have to prepare the treats which are family specific, the only way I can get away without making a special batch of Sugar Cookies and Peanut Blossoms for our Holiday is by dying.  (That is a joke from here, just in case you think I am serious.)  They wouldn't kill me, they would just never shut up about it!

I am thinking Russian Teas for myself.  I enjoy those most of all personally, next to the Italian Cookies and the Tossini they are my favorites.  I don't normally eat or bake sweets unless there is an occasion because somebody has to eat them!  I am afraid I would have no self control!

So before I began writing I made my list and checked it, made a list of menu, guests, and what I need to get at the store.  What I have to finish later today if I feel ambitious, clearing the table for the dinner round.  The decorating allowed me to clear out everything in the downstairs which is unnecessary and I am very pleased with the way my house has pulled together to be a home.

Having friends and family in my newly settled home has affirmed it for me, along with how pleased I am when I hit the landing to the first floor and everywhere I look things are neat and in order.  Finally, a little less chaos and a lot more comfort!

Last week when I got the rug from storage I got to move the four rugs which were under the furniture on the new wood floor in the living room.  Now we have a rug in our computer room and our dining room and two more to place somewhere.  While I was working in the dining room I finally hung the pictures and with the decorations and lights it looks very pretty and eating with my friends and family and socializing in there the other night was comfortable.  

I am proud, proud, proud of myself.  Not in a large headed way, but in a satisfied for having accomplished so much, which may seem little to most people, but for me I have struggled to get my home settled over the past  almost five years, moving into bad apartments a few times and missing my quiet, secluded country life, my settled, happy and secure life.  

I don't feel you can go forward unless everything is in order.  I have been struggling to make strides in some major areas of my life and I am feeling more able to make progress in a positive way!  So I raise my glass to progress and making some!

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