Friday, December 21, 2012


When I last wrote my son had just made me an early birthday dinner which was an amazing chicken dish he just whipped up in the time it took me to write the blog, which was not long, 15 minutes and the yummiest combination of flavours and the most tender chicken pieces - delicious!

I went to bed very tired and very satisfied to say the least!  Thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings and interest in my story. I been busy, so very busy, since I last wrote, mainly in cookie preparation.  The above picture is just a small view of the wonderful treats I put out over the past couple of days, this platter is getting donated to a benefit Saturday night at the Itam Lodge to benefit the storm victims in Rockaway.

The Italian Bon Bon's made 111 cookies by themselves, and they are frosted!  Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Butterscotch, Pumpkin Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Tossini (not pictured), Brownies, Whoopie Pies, and Fudge, also not pictured.  As I sit here writing, the platter is put together.  The other gift cookies are packaged and cards filled in - ready to go!

When it gets closer to Christmas I will make more Peanut Blossoms and Sugar Cookies for the boys, and a batch of Russian Teas for myself as a reward for my hard work and keeping my goal and for because they love them and they can eat them all day!  They are good boys and deserve their favorite treats for the holiday!

The day of my birthday, the 20th when I awoke I got right to work mixing and baking.  I was joined throughout the day and evening by a few friends whose company I enjoyed and who hung out in the kitchen as I mixed and measured, knowing it was pointless to ask again if I wanted any help, knowing the best help was to stay out of my path!  It was all so random and spontaneous, just the way I like it.

I stayed in my pajama's until my son and his Dad called to offer me a ride to the mall, as they were going.  I pulled the pumpkin cookies out of the oven and set them to cool, jumped in the shower and prepared to go.

I knew it would be a quick trip, none of us really enjoy shopping so we get what we need and go, we finished up about the same time and when we arrived back at my house my oldest son arrived with my grand-daughter (how many times can I be blessed in a week??), my youngest son needed help installing a power supply in his computer so they came over.

It was great!  I threw dinner in the oven, having planned a random dinner, which turned even more random as after my eldest boy left my youngest son's friend and his Dad from Williamstown dropped in to share in my birthday!  I miss our friends from North County, as we lived there for many years before coming back here in 2008.

My son Pat and his friend Al came over for dinner, as it was Al's birthday (and he is a twin!) I never to my recollection, besides Sunday's Aunt - knew anyone else with my birthday and I was stoked!  He graciously and happily shared a joint birthday dinner, and with some persuasion Taylor and Jeff stayed as well!  What a merry time we had eating roast beef and potatoes with gravy, (extremely delicious gravy at that), and some carrots.  It was well worth the 7:30 meal time to wait for that feast!

Sunday came by as we were finishing up, as I hoped she would.  She got to meet Taylor's Dad and soon everyone left but Tom and Sunday and I so we got to relax and play some WII bowling to shake things up before I baked the Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal butterscotch cookies.

Feeling good about my progress I went to bed last night confident I could pull off the great cookie bake of 2012.  I seriously have not done this in about 5 years.  I had everyone from Lanesboro, New Ashford and Williamstown addicted to my cookies!  I used to do this yearly but fell out of it.  I am so glad I did it!  One of my many talents, the organization, the process and the completion.

Tomorrow the delivery.  Then I rest for another day and figure out what is up for Christmas!  Have a great holiday everyone!

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  1. This photograph does not do justice to the "AWESOMENESS" of the delicacies