Monday, August 26, 2013


I know it has been a few days since I have last written and I do apologize.  I am totally tuckered out after a wonderful ten hour day out in Columbia County New York ~ which was wonderfully planned by Tess and then added to by my friend Paul when the group broke up.

The details will be in a later blog, as I am still trying to catch my breath and organize and process everything in my head to share with you all.  Today, being Monday was totally busy in the afternoon with the weekly session with my counselor and errands following that all the way down the other end of town on foot which also added to my fatigue.

I did have a chance encounter with Michael Rousseau and got a chance to catch up and find out how his commission to Italy was going ~ I happened upon a picture of it and it is gorgeous!  It hasn't shipped yet, however, and you know how artists are with finishing touches!

I then scored some Buckwheat noodles at the local Asian Import Store.  A treat I have been missing most of the summer as she has been out when I have been looking.  Who knows ~ maybe I will practice those won ton wrappers tomorrow now that I have some inspiration ~ there is a bunch of pork in the fridge thawing out and ready to be ground into filling...

My son got kidnapped again last night by his brother.  I can say it is a step in the right direction, life going back to some kind of normal.  Before we moved back to Pittsfield and my son stopped going out of the house he did used to have a very social life full of friends at the house and him going to his friends for weekends or holidays.

I guess it just seems odd to me, since my life goal was to get out of the house when people were there (I always loved being home alone in my house in West Pittsfield.), and since my boys were visiting here and there throughout their childhoods and beyond, to have Tom not be able to go out or have the desire to go out.

As a parent it is hard to know how to direct someone who is stuck like that.  I am not the best motivator to say the least.  I try my best.  I am fortunate to have help now that his brother is out of work on that end.  I have enough difficulty motivating myself most days but I do try my best to do so.

I have been hard on myself lately anyway.  I recognize that, although they do say that recognizing that you have a problem is one step closer to solving it.  I will accept that.  I have been mentally processing a lot of stuff and the process is slow for me and it slows me down as well and I get very introspective.

It does take time to change the way one thinks and believes and to kill that negative self talk.  I have to try to focus more on the positive which means that tomorrow I am positively going to focus on sharing my incredible, extensive journey which I took on Saturday ~ with pictures even!

Until tomorrow do have a wonderful day!  I am going to see if I cannot restore some of my energy and get back to normal!  Hope you all have a great evening!

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