Friday, August 16, 2013


I was sleeping nicely when my phone rang Monday morning.  It was earlier than my alarm.  Since it was my friend Laura (with only one day remaining before she returned to her home), I answered and groggily answered with a slurred hello.

She was inviting me for breakfast.  I am not a morning person, and don't eat breakfast normally, but it is not usual for me to have the opportunity to see this friend as often as I would like to, I accepted.  The day before one of my friends was talking about a great place for breakfast which is nearby so I figured we could go there.

Of course we parked and walked up to the door to find it was closed!  Just our luck!  So we headed to Friendly's the classic standby.  It was nice chatting away, catching up some more.  And before we knew it, too much time had passed for all that I had to do.

On our way back to my house she took the wrong turn which turned out to be the right turn.  We passed our friend Carm's house and Carman was outside in her yard so we turned around to see how she was really managing with her loss and to offer support in person.

We spent way too much time there, but it was totally necessary.  I felt a bit more relaxed about worrying how she was managing.  I would not have been managing so well, I can tell you that!  They do say that the more love and support you have around you in times of crisis and bad health is always a benefit.  Thankfully Carman has love and support overflowing!

I was so behind that I was late in waking up my son for his appointment ~ which I usually go to as well, but this day was different ~ he had to go by himself as I had a meeting at my house with a friend to sell some music to.

Dave arrived a bit before noon, as we had planned on ~ so I got to say goodbye to Laura and hello to Dave!  Parting is such sweet sorrow to be sure!  I don't know the next time I will see my friend, but I hope it is soon!

Thomas made it out the door and Dave and I chatted and conducted our business.  After three long years of waiting to make this particular sale, we were both excited to put it to rest.  He has new finds for his awesome record collection and I have a few extra dollars!

My friend Mike Jones showed up unexpectedly while Dave and I were catching up with past and present happenings.  He is another friend from the "early days".  Hometowns are where you run into people from your past and Dave is one of my favourite people locally for a very long time!  One of my all time funniest memories from High School was made by Dave and I still laugh out loud whenever I think of it!

Dave left, and Mike wanted coffee which I do not keep in the house.   We walked up to the store so he could get a cup of coffee and I needed half and half and Tom wanted a soda.  I of course forgot the half and half which I did not realize until I got home.

On the way from the store we ran into Cynthia and she walked back with us.  That is when I looked at my clock and realized it was Monday and it was after 1:30 and I should have been on my way to my doctors appointment, not walking home to play WII and chill.

I made an executive decision to phone my doctor.  I would be late at the very least but was hoping to cancel as the day had been a fun, yet overwhelming in a good way kind of day and it was only half over!  My doctor convinced me to see him, which I did arriving only a few minutes late which was a relief!

Of course, when I got home and went to make a much needed tea and catch up with myself ~ that is when I realized I had no half and half for my tea.  Which for me is a major let down.  Too tired to run out I settled for milk instead which just doesn't cut it!

This past weekend and this day was just like the old days, busy, chaotic and totally fulfilling!  Being pulled gently in more directions than I can possible manage at one time, but getting it all covered ~ except for (almost) forgetting my appointment!

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