Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I am seriously rattled today.  There are a couple of reasons for this, the first being the distortion of my sleep ~ which has been seriously messed up over the past two months by my "quiet" neighbor and her house guests who live there with her in her one bedroom apartment now that her son is in jail ~ and I am sure he will be back soon as well to add to the disquiet!  The second will be revealed later in the blog.

My neighbor and her "guests" have a great habit of slamming the door each time they leave or re-enter the apartment.  In the beginning it was between 10 p.m. and around 2 a.m., and lately they don't start until 1 a.m. and continue on until the wee hours of the morning ~ I guess their habits must need re-ups frequently between 2 and 6 a.m. because that is when they are most active!

They are quiet as church mice during the daytime ~ probably sleeping ~ which may change soon enough when I move my stereo into a room where I can most disturb their sleep during acceptable noise making hours as they do to me during non-acceptable noise making hours.  She is a bitch however and will probably report me to my landlord ~ which will probably produce different results than my complaining produces but we shall see!

Short of performing mayhem I just do not know what to do about the situation.  I have learned to adapt to limited hot water although I pay quite a bit of money to live here and the heat and hot water are include ~ just give me a heads up on the two or three days a week when I am not going to have access to that hot water for 6 or 7 hours at a time!!!!

Broken sleep ~ being awake at 4:30 a.m. and then having to force myself to try to go back to sleep and then having my day turned upside down along with my concentration and focus just doesn't work too well for me!!

Having my next door neighbor complain to me about the idiots next door when they are singing and dancing as the three of them leave at 3:30 a.m. getting their party on does not really work for me either, as it is not my problem or responsibility to go and get my teeth knocked out for complaining and believe me that is the mentality we are dealing with here!  At least he is a man ~ but he obviously doesn't want his teeth knocked out either!

I was so tired yesterday after doing the 4 a.m. bullshit ~ I went upstairs to watch the last episode of Season Three Downton Abbey before working on my ArtsWalk Blog before "Under the Dome" at 10 ~ I just could not pull myself up out of bed to walk downstairs to my computer to work.

My son woke me up at 10:00 so we could watch our show, having taken a half hour nap, and I stayed awake through it and then fell into a deep sleep immediately afterward until the god awful hour of 4:30 a.m. waking with a slam followed by another slam a minute later.

When my friend phoned at 9:30 a.m. to share a story with me I was barely coherent.  After the phone call I made a cup of tea which after one sip promised to be one of the best teas I had made for myself in a while.  I went to roll a cigarette and found that a fly had decided to commit suicide by dive bombing into said tea!

The second first cup of the day was not as tasty as the first one would have been but it soon did the trick and I was beginning to feel more awake, although not as motivated as I could have been to write, so after a couple of hours I decided to take a walk to clear out the nastiness floating in my brain.

The D.V.D. was a loaner from the library so I decided to return it.  I had no solid plans for the day so at least that would have been productive, but during my walk I ran into my good friend who had phoned in the morning ~ knowing she had not seen the third season I hesitated not at all in letting her borrow it so I would have two people whom I could discuss the sadness and shock with besides my son.

I took a walk with no destination just to enjoy the fair weather of the day.  It was sunny and breezy a good combination for the Berkshires and I found myself walking down one side of North Street and then crossed and went back the way I came, stopping to talk to the "old timers" on the street along with random passer byers as I do.

I decided I had a clear enough head to walk back home and do some writing after stopping back into the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, as the door was open and the gallery was quite full on Friday when I was in checking out the Islamic Art.

I prefer a crowd free gallery when I am really looking at art so it was very welcome and inviting to be the only patron in at that time.  I could take my time and get up close and personal and check out the detail without being in any one's way.

So I departed, heading towards the Common on my way back home when a very funny thing happened.  By funny I mean odd as opposed to rib splitting laughter.  Some bloke in a wheelchair who looked like J.J. from Good Times (an old show from the 70's) approached me.  I am not opposed to talking to strangers.  I do it on a regular basis, and I knew before he approached me that he was after something.  Hence the second major disturbance as promised follows!

I was smoking a cigarette on my way through and he began by asking me for a smoke ~ which even if I did have an extra he would not be getting one ~ get a job!!!!  Then he began to ask me how I was feeling ~ (who are you and WTF) then the classic "Can I talk to you".

I know from the 30 years ago that that doesn't mean that he wanted to have a conversation, having misunderstood that particular phrase when I was young and naive.  I am still naive but not as young as I was! So I quickly said no you cannot talk to me and began walking in step with a woman I know who was passing through the park as well.  "Oh, so you're not feeling well" was his response ~ note to self I guess if someone asks you how you are feeling it is a code of some sort.

So I just said I am feeling fine and walked away with the woman I know and was shocked to realize that I had just gotten propositioned as I was going through the park!!  I wonder what he would have used as money since he had no cigarettes oh wait ~ I probably would have had to pay him!!!

So I continued on my way home ~ my clear head not so clear as it was after I left the Gallery.  I made it in my house and decided to make some cupcakes for my son as cooking and baking always help put me in a better frame of mind.  I wasn't as clear as I could have been as I dropped an egg on the floor coming out of the fridge and almost broke another one putting it on the counter!

Needless to say, I was prompted to wipe it up and mopped up 90% of the kitchen before the cake even got in the oven.  Yes, the cupcakes got turned into a cake since my box of cupcake wrappers was in the cabinet empty for some reason!

The cake is done, the floor is cleaner and the butter is melting for frosting.  My blog topic has been changed because my Art blog deserves a clear and focused head after all of the wonderful and amazing art and conversations with said Artists, much more than I can commit to at the moment.  I am already days behind so I can't see what difference another day will make.

Since this blog is about my journey this is more personal and fitting to my actual theme, although Art is an important part of my life as well, and we all know I live and breath for it!  Hope it made you smile and maybe laugh a bit ~ as I am now in retrospect!

Time to make some frosting and pull some notes together from Friday and figure out what I am going to create for dinner later on since I do not think cake will cover dinner!

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