Sunday, August 4, 2013


It has been hectic and slow since I last joined you.  I posted last about the canoe experience and was looking forward the next day to a trip to the Williams College Museum of Art.  When I woke up Thursday I felt great until I stepped into my kitchen.

I noticed the maid had not come in and done the dishes while I slept, nor had the magical little elves. Considering I had cleaned out the refrigerator the day before, I found it necessary to do the work before even thinking about tea that morning.

I only had until 11:00 to be ready.  I believe in work before play, and found it necessary to start some laundry as well as punishment for letting the dishes get so far out of control in one day!  The dishes done, I made my tea and got to my computer before taking a shower and dressing.

I was just about ready when my girlfriend phoned to say she was going to be ten minutes later than we had planned.  No big deal, I can always use ten extra minutes.  Since I was done it worked out well, happy with my look for the day.

It was a nice sunny day when we set out through Pittsfield and into Lanesboro.  Approaching New Ashford, my friend asked me about my old house and she pulled into the driveway to give it a peek.  I hate how they don't take care of the front yard, and now after driving down the driveway, I am also disappointed in how overgrown everything is by the house as well!!

Thankful to have the prospect of a new museum to check out, I dismissed the overgrowth and enjoyed the rest of the ride to Williamstown and the Campus.  Funnily enough, I parked there once to hear Mark Danielewski ~ author of "House of Leaves" give a talk one time on his times on the road even before my brief time living in Williamstown, but had never placed the driveway as belonging to the museum.

We saw two really great exhibits  - a very interesting array of various black artists, and which was much smaller but very tiny and delicate Persian art.

It began to rain as we were heading out.  I still had my dog walking and lab visit, as it was Thursday.  I phoned my son from the car and got him motivated to be ready to go between raindrops just in case we were not lucky enough to miss the rain.

It turns out, it began raining harder during our walk to the lab, but slowed on the way home.  Armed with subs for a late lunch/early dinner.  We decided to both walk the dog, and my son waited outside while I collected her and we all headed on the walk.  It was barely raining by then, although more clouds were collecting thicker in the sky so we wasted no time walking the dog ~ getting her home before it began to pour again, and then arriving home before it really began to come down!

I had enough for one day, so I got out of my wet clothes and into my p.j's before settling in front of my computer with my grinder and a tea, catching up with my daily routine although instead of morning it was already 4:30 in the afternoon!

I was looking forward to Friday so I made it an early night ~ planning on a busy day Friday before noon.  Finding out early on Friday, instead of later that something had gone amiss between the lab and the pharmacy, as they hadn't gotten the report yet and were unable to fill the prescription without it.

I put on my detective hat and quickly found out the root of the problem and remedying it with ease with two phone calls.  Not too shabby.  Within an hour my script would be ready so I wasted a little bit of time and planned my route to finish my Friday tasks with as little wasted time as possible.

Of course, nothing goes as planned, and the pharmacy misjudged when the script was going to be ready ~ and even with ten minutes more than they had told me it would be ready they tacked on a 25 minute wait in addition.  I decided to give up on it for the day and get it later since I was coming back out for ArtWalk.

ArtWalk will be it's own blog, as I have limited time it being Sunday, and it is going to be more elaborate than this space allows without overkilling you all with too much information.  Suffice it to say ~ I had such a great time, and so much wonderful new art and artists on my mind it completely slipped my mind to return to the pharmacy!  Good thing we did not need the meds until Saturday evening ~ but don't tell the pharmacy that or they may make this a regular happening!

Saturday I woke up so early that I went back to bed and did not wake up until 11:30 ~ setting records everywhere these days!  Tom's Dad showed up and had tea and I realized it was August 3 ~ my son's one year wedding anniversary!

I phoned them to wish them a Happy First Anniversary and they promised to stop by for a visit as they were headed out soon.  I quickly found paper and wrapped the flowerpot I had decoupage for them at my friend Diane's workshop.  I could not remember where the tape was ~ thank god for Tom's Dad ~ he was the one who remembered it was in Tom's room from putting in the A/C last week!

It was great to see my son's little family and they loved the flower pot.  It has a picture of them on their wedding day, one of my favourite pictures ~ my granddaughter looking like a princess and the three of them smiling happily!  I love my family ~ as I am sure is evident whenever I write about them!  I also got to see my middle son later in the day so you know my day was good although it was a very lazy and unproductive day!

Lazy seems to be about the gist of the whole weekend.  I was going to be community minded today and enjoy the Car Show and Ethnic Fair and see a Documentary today as well, but every time I began to leave ~ it began to rain so I read instead and procrastinated writing.

I bribed myself to write with my reward of a hot fudge sundae ahead of time ~ which was very delicious and worked on the craving and on the writing!  I hope you enjoyed my quick little catch up of the weekend.  I will be very busy Monday so ArtWalk will probably be on Monday afternoon when I finally get a chance to take a break and catch up further.

Happy Sunday and may you all have a manageable week!

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