Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I feel like crap ~ literally.  On Sunday evening I decided to cook half of the 5lb sirloin roast I had purchased as a surprise home cooked meal for my son when he returned.  Upon cutting it in half prior to cooking, I noticed it smelled a little bit off, but thought it was my imagination.

After cooking it and eating a couple slices I went to watch my shows and went to sleep.  When I woke up Monday it was all I could do to stay out of the bathroom for five minutes at a time.  I checked the "sell by" date on the second half of  the package (which I had put in the freezer) and found it was August 27 ~ which apparently meant nothing.

I began checking and packaging the rest of the meat which I had purchased, happy to find no more tainted meat in the bunch.  I phoned the store and spoke to the manager who told me to bring in the remainder of the meat and get a refund.  

At least my son was  not home for the meal, which going on day two of horrible stomach pain and too much bathroom time is a plus.  I feel worse today on day two than I did on day one!  I hope it doesn't last much longer because I have the last canoe event of the season on Wednesday which I am really looking forward to.

My second canoe journey will be from Lenox to Lee followed by a potluck dinner.  I have already made the dessert which is chilling in the fridge.  I definitely want to canoe next year, it has been great fun being on the river and seeing the sights and this trip should be more eye opening than the previous one!

My son should be home today.  The hamburger is defrosted, I only need to peel potatoes and throw the meal together and give them a call.  I however, think I need to lay down for a bit before I can even think about doing any such thing!

I was in a bit of a fog all weekend before this bad meat ordeal, now I am feeling all wishy washy and dizzy and not really in the mood to even look at food.  I forced myself to eat something yesterday, woke up sort of hungry this morning yet wanting to hurl at the same time.  To be sure food has not won today, my stomach does not want any part of it!

I missed another event last night, as well as a couple this weekend in the course of my solitude.  I was all geared up for the Jazz band at the Mission last night.  Today, my son's Dad came over and told me how wonderful it was.  I was surprised to learn that he even liked Jazz!  

Learn something new everyday!  Today I learned thanks to Rick (Tom's Dad) all about Hannibal via the Internet and Rick showing off how much he knows about history.  (A subject I really did not retain in school) but one which I find very interesting to say the least.

I wish I had felt better while he was here talking, but as time wore on all I could feel was the pounding in my head and the pain in my guts.  I hate to admit that I was relieved when he left not too long ago.  This is really draining and it is already 3:00 in the afternoon!

So I am off for now to rest, cook and feed the masses ~ okay, not the masses, just two sons and one Dad - probably two Dad's cuz I know my middle son's Dad will be expecting some as well!  I do not know what it is about Shepherd's Pie that makes people go crazy!  I had one of the North Street hanger outers offer to buy me dinner anywhere I want to go for some Shepherd's Pie!  Tempting to say the least, but even with making two pans there is never any left the next day.

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