Thursday, August 8, 2013


This week continues to  be a hell of a crazy week.  My doctor's office phoned on Monday and the receptionist told me I had to go get another chest scan on Wednesday in North Adams.  This surprised me, as when my doctor phoned the week before with my results she told me I was good for three months when I would have to go and get another scan to make sure there are no unhealthy changes.

I was puzzled about the scan and insisted that she was wrong, but regardless to what I was saying to her, she insisted she was right.  I phoned my son at work to see if he could drive me to the appointment, and he had the day off so I was good to go, except it did not feel right.

I re listened to my doctor's message again and phoned her back in the afternoon to have her double check.  She tried to tell me it was for a different scan than the one that I had on the 31st.  I explained that the doctor said nothing about any scan for three months but she was sure!

Later in the day she phoned my cell phone to tell me that she is scheduling a sonogram as per the doctors orders ~ again out of thin air and my doctor is thorough and communicates everything ~ so again I am confused as hell!

Wednesday rolls around and I proceed the 45 minute drive ~ it is a nice ride ~ up to North Adams to the hospital and down to the radiology department where I check in and read a couple of pages of Huckleberry Finn before they call me into the room for the scan.

The Technician was as confused as I was as to why I was there, noted I had been there for the same test and there was no indication I needed a retest and sent me on my way stating that no one needs that much radiation ~ and I am in agreement!

It was a nice ride up and back.  Nice quality time with my son one on one.  It was good to be in a car and listen to him and we laughed all of the way home wondering what is up with my doctors receptionist!  We looked at the bright side however and not the 2 hours out of our day, the gas and the distance and the total waste of time ~ ours and the hospital staff!

I phoned the doctors office a few hours later puzzled by the experience and wondering what the heck it was all about.  The receptionist was off that day ~ probably getting her beautiful nails redone, and the girl whom I spoke to was as puzzled as I was considering it was the second call she had about it that day since the hospital phoned as well.

I went through the whole thing with her and she agreed it sounded like the absent receptionist ~ always right and not listening ~ which are not necessarily good traits in my mind and in my experience as well.  She could not tell from the notes what had happened and said she would talk to the doctor and have her phone me as well.

I hung around and she finally called and she could not understand it either and since the responsible party was not around to ask she said she would look into it the next day.  She also has no idea what the sonogram is for!  So that makes a handful of confused people!

Not surprising that is the way my life is going this week.  I feel like hiking into the middle of nowhere, laying down stakes and hiding away from the world!  Crazy I know, but sometimes, when there is a shift like this it is the only sane thing to do!

I am fearless however and am not going to seek shelter in an isolated place.  I am going out in the world this afternoon and do some networking with real life people.  Who knows maybe something extraordinary will come of it ~ or maybe I will just sip lemonade and eat hors d'oeuvres and enjoy myself in a new environment!

I have to make it through the rest of the day ~ normal Thursday routine which has also been thrown off kilter thanks to a couple of random incidents this morning ~ both of which I could have done without and both of which left me wanting to throw up and with a huge headache!

With any luck there will only be love, light and positive happenings the rest of the day!  They say life is what you make it so I am working on making that so!

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