Saturday, August 10, 2013


Last night after I posted the mad jumble of random and to me chaotic thoughts that filled my brain in an attempt to regain a workable balance and one up the loud silence that filled my empty house, my phone rang. This was after I shut of the A/C and gathered my provisions to make my nightly trek up the stairs.

The universe must have been looking out for me because my son's came over for a visit and soon the silence was filled with the familiar and welcome sounds of two of my children and another of my oldest friends.  I was thankful as it definitely was necessary!

After everyone departed the quiet was not so loud and I was ready to finish the day and begin again tomorrow.  I closed down the house and tried to make it upstairs again ~ this time successfully!  I looked around my room ~ which after more than a year of living here is a mess!

It is the last room I have left to arrange and decorate, having completed my son's room a couple of weeks ago to his satisfaction when we thought his father was going to be staying for a couple of weeks.  How quickly plans change!

I picked up a little here and a little there.  My side table drawer had come apart and there was everything from that drawer in a pile next to my bed where I had put it the night before ~ removing it from the end of my bed without properly putting it away.  (I had put the drawer back together but am assessing if I want to use glue as opposed to nails since there is not a nail to be found in the whole piece, and set it down for future repair the day before.)

I am almost ready to begin my room ~ Everything that makes it's way in a pile eventually ends up in my room waiting to be dealt with and I still have 5 boxes to sort through which are glaring at me from a corner.  I realize that the job will take less time once I begin ~ but isn't it always starting the job which is the most difficult???  For me it is then I kick myself for not doing it sooner!

The sun is shining today.  The house silence is not as loud as it was yesterday, and I am feeling more myself.  Ready to face the day ~ barbecuing some baby back ribs in the oven for later today.  I find myself comforting my sadness with the weirdest things.

Yesterday afternoon I went for the 8 pack of raisins when I was at the pharmacy instead of sweets or junk food, New Orleans Jazz, and today baby back ribs.  Which are not my usual fare but will work for me for sure!

I am thinking about walking to the Farmer's Market to see how my people skills are today.  I have to admit that the pharmacy surprised me on Friday ~ having our script ready and waiting when it was my turn at the counter ~ not sure if them putting my name and face together is a good thing ~ but it was helpful yesterday as I wandered around in my funk!

I will take any and all positive interactions.  Keep the negative ones away!!  (Raises cross in the direction of demons).  It sure does help when you get what you need!  My boys and my friends saved the day yesterday for sure and for that I am eternally grateful!

The ribs are beginning to smell good as the meat is starting to cook ~ time to get up, get out and greet the day in a positive way!  Hope your Saturday is awesome!

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