Monday, August 19, 2013


I have spent the whole weekend doing absolutely nothing.  Well ~ not leaving the house from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon ~ and then only because I needed supplies at the store.  I did bake and cook and play on the computer.

I enjoyed the solitude.  My son was and still is over to his brothers having left on Friday evening after I left for the service at the Funeral Parlor.  I am glad he and his brother are hanging out and leaving the house, even if it is to go to the safety of what has always been his second home.

My middle son phoned me while I was walking my friends dog and told me that he was not bringing Thomas home until I make Shepherds Pie ~ which was how I enticed him to bring me grocery shopping on Thursday. I told him he was out of luck for tonight as I froze all of the hamburger so he would have to keep him for another day.  It was pretty funny, considering that they both refused to even let me make it their entire lives before 6 months ago!  Kids!

I usually feel a bit guilty for getting out and doing things, extending myself out of my comfort zone, and leaving him home alone.  (Leaving him home alone is not the "out of my comfort zone" part.  If you recall, last weekend when he was gone the silence was killing me.  I guess it is true that we are adaptable, because I had no such problem this weekend.

I did not even have one unexpected visit, but I did phone all of my sons and called friends who are far away just to hear their voices and was even pleasantly surprised to have been told that I was missed by an old friend.  That made me feel good, as sometimes I do wonder if I make any kind of impact on anyone who isn't obligated to have one.

I listened to music and danced in my living room ~ how could you not dance with Aretha Franklin doing her thing!  I marinated chicken pieces for souvlaki for the first time and wow ~ it will not be the last!  If I knew it were that easy I would have been doing it years ago!

I caught up on "The Bridge" and have to try to remember it is on when it is on because it is getting interesting.  Watched the first episode of this seasons "Breaking Bad" in case I was up when it re-aired  at 11:30 Sunday ~ which I was not.  I love On Demand as you can fast forward through all of the commercials (which I hate!)

I made banana bread and for the first time in 37 years I undercooked it.  It was a bit disappointing as bread is so easy.  I don't know what compelled me to remove the bread when the toothpick was not clean ~ but such is life!  (I did try to finish it up in the microwave ~ not sure if it was an epic fail or an epic save yet!)

I even managed to remember today was Monday and made it to my doctor's on time, which means I had time to read some of a magazine before he was ready.  His waiting room is the absolute only waiting room so  far in my life I do not feel uncomfortable waiting in.

In the past I have waited in bathrooms and or stairways if by some chance it was not time to see the doctor. It is really strange to me that it is one of my "issues" since I am pretty sociable with strangers and often strike up conversations with the most random people about the most random things!  It is important to have a comfortable waiting room I feel, if you are going to make people wait!

I am off to grill the remainder of the chicken souvlaki, do my daily games for the last time and check out the latest episode of "Under The Dome".   Hope you all had a manageable Monday and wish you a pleasant week!

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