Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I was majorly foiled last night ~ tricked by my own kids!  I paid the ransom of Shepherds Pie only to have my sons tell me "You are beat ~ I bought a new video game and Thomas is coming home with me!"  I can accept that.

The worst part is everyone who came for dinner happened to eat a couple of (or less than) hours earlier. With the excuse that ~ "you called after my Dad went to McDonald's" and a good one from Tom's Dad ~ "when you called I was just putting the last bite of food in my mouth at an unexpected gathering".

I should have known that something was off when my middle son did not dive right into the cooling pans of Pie when he walked into the house.  There was no instant run for the table, since I was just happy to see them anyway it did not raise any red flags.

Gotta love my clan!  The three of them had a conversation about it when I was out of the room then all fessed up when I came back in.  It is bad enough that the very sight of food made me want to vomit,(although it smelled wonderful!)  I still pushed through thinking of my kids and the joy that I had at seeing them after 5 days of solitude.

This meant more socializing before we sat down to eat, chatting and working up an appetite.  I did not care though ~ I was still not feeling well.  They made me laugh as I pretended to be mad at them and they were very funny sleep deprived as they were.  They left with a pan of Shepherd's Pie for later, and I have two pieces remaining which is a miracle all on its own.  I am sure once my son returns it will be gone by the next morning.

They have been having one heck of a good time hanging out together staying up all night playing games, and I am sure ~ driving Pat's Dad crazy.  I wish that Pat would come over here and stay once in awhile.  I love the way my sons interact and miss it regularly, even though I am a target for their ambush and they know how to get me going!

For me it does suck adjusting my life to my increasingly empty nest.  I am still not over my oldest son leaving and it has been more than ten years, six for my middle son and who knows if and when my baby will leave. On one hand, it will be a new adventure for me ~ one I have waited for 28 years to begin, on the other hand it will be scary and lonely being on my own for the first time since I was 19 years old.  I will surely cross that bridge when I come to it.

I am having a great time socializing, doing new things and meeting many people in the process.  I for one love change ~ it is a sign of growth and I am all about learning, doing and expanding my self on many levels.  I am off to get ready for the canoe trip so I will talk to you later!

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