Thursday, August 15, 2013


It has been so long since I have written that I had to go back and review where I left off.  Saturday seems a year ago as opposed to five days ago!  The ribs were so good that I could not stop myself from eating all of them.

As I recall, I left them slow cooking in the oven covered in foil and went out to do some shopping  and visit the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market.  They were having art and artists so I went there first.  Saw some really amazing art by some artists who are not regulars at First Friday Artwalk.

I have been missing the cottage in Lanesboro since I have not been there in too many years to recall.  One of the best things I love and miss about the cottage is the flower beds ~ the phlox to be exact.  Many a year have I enjoyed the smell and the work, so while I was at the Farmers Market to my surprise ~ were phlox's for sale and on sale ~ so I had to run to the bank and hustle back before they closed.

I also thought the store which I needed to make my purchases at was closer than it was, so I scooted over to do my shopping and then headed back to the Farmer's Market with minutes to spare before the closing bell was rung and purchase my pretty purple phlox and a beautiful hanging basket of flowers since they were both on sale!!!

When I finally made it home with my loot ~ believe me, walking with a hanging basket, a potted plant and a bag of groceries was not the easiest thing to do ~ I had to stop a couple of times over the course of the three blocks to readjust my load ~ the ribs were smelling awesome!  I uncovered and barbecued the ribs and let them cook a bit longer ~ before I sampled a few and then made the whole rack disappear ~ they were that good!

The rest of the day was a blur ~ I kept thinking it was Sunday and passed on the Pow Wow to do some laundry knowing that Monday was a busy day (still thinking it was Sunday).  The boys came over before they went to Game Stop so I took a ride with them and my son remembered to pick up a copy of WII Resort for me!!

I love WII Resort for the Archery.  We realized we needed the controller sensors which we did not have and with the store closing it was too late to grab more money and pick one up.  When they left, I was too tired to play anyway.

The next morning ~ which was the real Sunday ~ my friend Mike Jones phoned to see what I was up to.  It was a great and unexpected surprise as he was the one that turned me on to WII Resort originally.  He had a sensor which he brought over and we spent the day playing and having fun.  He is more competitive than I am so it was very challenging for him to keep up with me (joke).

Thomas was expected home, so in between playing I cooked a  pork roast so that we could have a nice dinner, as I have been lax in my meal preparation.  After such a great day where the universe gave me just what I needed ~ the sensor to try my game ~ I was happy!

After dinner ~ and dinner is never at a normal hour ~ we treated ourselves to some ice cream at King Kone ~ where they make the best hot fudge sundaes within walking distance and chilled in the Common for a little while before we realized we had about ten minutes to make it home for True Blood.

It was great to have someone in the house again besides me that is for sure!  I don't know what I am going to do when my last little bird flies away!  !  Monday was a busy day so instead of returning to write I just crashed instead and was grateful considering the way my Monday turned out!  More on that next time!
It was great to have someone in the house again besides me that is for sure!

The universe sure has been looking out for me in all ways!  For that I was grateful!  I do love when I am losing my mind with grief and worry and without even being aware of it or asking out loud and getting what I need ~ in this case good friends and family to fill up my alone time just when I needed it the most!

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  1. Love everything you write. I journey along with you. Just to let you know, I spent a few hours at the "Cottage" on Sunday. It was fun reliving the "old" days with Mike, Matt, and of course, Pat. We have to exchange phone numbers. Want to see you.