Thursday, August 15, 2013


I left out the best parts about Saturday ~ because there were two great things (for me) that happened ~ the first was that my old friend John phoned and I joined him to grab a pizza in Dalton.  We grabbed some slush's at Cumberland Farms on the way back to my house.

After the ribs I could not eat pizza and after he was done we set to the task of figuring out how to get my D.V.D. player to run through my stereo speakers.  Something which I had done in the past yet when re hooking up the player I was unable to manage it.

It happens, but it sucks because I haven't been able to play my C.D.'s and I had been going through music withdrawal ~ bored without my favorite cassette working anymore and my missing audio drivers on my computer still ~ we managed to figure out with some trial and error the proper placement.

At one point it sounded like I had blown my speakers when playing a c.d..  Since the speakers were fine with the radio and the cassette we realized we were in the wrong slots and tried the one marked c.d. ~ the obvious and not so obvious choice.

We were rewarded with the sweet clear sounds of Robert Johnson playing his old time blues.  A much missed treat I must say!  That and my New Orleans jazz, blues and swing began to work to get me out of my funk.

After John left my girl Laura who was in town from Arkansas popped in with her son's girlfriend.  We did what girls do no matter how many years it has been since they last saw each other and shared stories and pictures.

I really liked meeting her sons girl and hope to see her son, who moved back to the Berkshires a couple of years ago.  They really brightened my day a great deal.  It is more of the universe giving me what I needed, as I was still really struggling with the loss of my sons friend ~ or more with knowing the loss and pain she was going through.

I was somewhat of the mind of my friend Laura ~ about knowing our friend was suffering and most definitely dealing with many people who were also shocked and saddened.  Although the three of us were close and shared many memories and experiences ~ we also wanted to respect her time, let her know (which she did) that we were there for her, and pray that she had the strength (which she does) to be there for her other son as well as herself.  So we worried together.  It was good to be with my friend!

I already got through Sunday in my previous post and I am not taking the time now to go any further ~ consider this an absentminded part two of earlier today and Getting what I needed from the UNIVERSE!!

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