Saturday, August 17, 2013


After writing yesterday I noticed a post about the Berkshire Museum being open to Berkshire County residents for free so I grabbed my camera to gather some photos and go eat up some free time at the museum.

I was not about to let the morning ruin my day.  I had to prepare as well for the celebration of Chandler's life later in the evening so I wanted to be as anxiety free as possible.  I know it is foolish, but I get pre~anxiety with things like this, even if I will be surrounded by people whom I have know for 30 years.

The Museum did it's trick.  I checked out everything there was to check out, including a second look at the PaperWorks exhibit.  I am still amazed by what amazing things can be done with ordinary paper.  My favorite part of the museum however are the rooms of things that used to be main displays over the years. The familiar huge old oil paintings which are not in their "usual" places as they were in my childhood.

I felt better when I arrived back home.  I had a couple of hours to spend with my son, so we watched the latest Spider Man Movie which turned out better than I thought it would be.  I showered and changed into my third dress of the day and made my way to the funeral parlor.

The place was packed with people filling the main room, the outer halls straight out the door and under the carport.  I was amazed, yet I wasn't.  Chandler, since he was a baby was full of life and energy.  He was blessed to have an awesome mother and older brother to help guide and shape him, along with a great Grandmother, Aunts and numerous cousins and a zillion friends!

I am sorry to say that my life took me away and I had not seen Chandler grow into the amazing young man which he was, never heard him rap in person, but I will never forget what his Momma will miss most ~ the smile which filled his whole face ~ including the twinkle in his eye.

Allek, his older brother, although deeply saddened and missing his brother was a rock.  I am proud of  his strength and love he will always have for his brother.  His expressions of love during this time for his baby brother have been so deep and poetic.

The hall was full after the service with more people I have ever seen in one place celebrating the life of this young man who has been taken from the planet way too soon.  His family has great faith.  I have always known this, but to see the faith, love and strength which this family possess during this trying time was so reaffirmed my faith.

The hall was rented til 11:00 ~ but the bartenders were not up to the task of dealing with 5 people let alone 100 people, and while no one was out of control or anything they shut the party down an hour early.  The same could not be said for the family, however.  They did an amazing job at serving a buffet feast with two huge long tables heaping with hot food, another table of salads, sandwiches and meat platters and two tables full of desserts!  There was no way anyone left hungry ~ although I missed the collard greens and mac and cheese I did happen to lay my hands on one of the best pieces of coconut cake I have ever had in my life!

We cleared the hall pretty quick ~ packed up the food and put the tables away and congregated in the parking lot where we released a mad amount of balloons up to the heavens to Chandler.  They all headed far and fast ~ filling the sky.

I made it home with every intention of changing into comfortable clothes to head a block over for a last Chandler style party.  However, when I sat down to put on my sneakers my feet and my body protested so greatly that I gave up trying ~ my bed was calling.

I am honored and blessed to know and love this family.  I gave and received some of the best hugs and had the best time catching up with some amazing friends.  It was truly a celebration ~ no time for tears and grief!  I hope to attain the level of faith and grace this amazing family has ~ they are a true inspiration to me and everyone whose lives they touch!  I thank the Lynch and DuBois family from the deepest depths of my heart for reminding me what faith, love and family are all about.

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