Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Help!! I am addicted to a new game.  No denial here, these hour long tournaments in this new Time Management game have taken me away from just about everything else that I do (besides necessary obligations and responsibilities.)

What was just a minor (maybe more) addiction to a couple of games and the Internet has now turned into a month of major time wasting.  I did not realize just how bad it had become until I went to read my friends blog and a week had gone by since I last read.

Mind you, I had a very busy week last week with my youngest son's birthday and my grand daughter and then First Friday crept up in there, eldest son's birthday, doctors, shopping, laundry, pharmacy and everything else in between.  Lest you think I am just glued to my computer.

I wrote a few things (just not everyday) and truth be told I have thought about writing a lot over the past couple of weeks but then get involved.  The game just went down for maintenance so here I am.  I am bad to be sure.

I wake up in the morning and go to do my normal routine, tea, computer, reading, writing, socialize, read some it is ~ turn on the computer and play the game.  No if, and, or buts about it ~ even when I get out of bed and tell myself  I am going to write first ~ something always happens to lead me astray!

No big deal ~ what do I have to do besides waste time??  What better way than developing time management skills?  It has made me speedier in my daily operations (seeing how quickly I can get my simple tasks done.)

I have totally removed Christmas (finally) from my house.  Tree is bagged and in the basement and the last box packed this very evening while I was visiting with Cindy.  Done and done for another year, although somehow the packing up took up more space and I had to rethink packing but it all worked out in the end.

I got to see some great Art on Friday ~ some of it in some odd places ~ City Hall comes to mind and it was opened after 5 ~ the janitor graciously kept the doors open past 7:00 ( a good thing considering after I had checked out all of the available Art to see I still had an hour to kill) checking the pamphlet to see what I may have missed with many venues opting out of the February Artwalk.

I made my way to the Whitney Arts Center and caught the tail end of the show there and hung around chatting before the Artists/Patron After ArtWalk get together.  I had a wonderful conversation with a man who got displaced in New Orleans by the crazy Mortgage fiasco.

Sharing our similar stories it was funny and sad at the same time.  Hearing and telling each other what we had and what we lost and wondering similarly how in the hell we were ever going to fix it.  Fix something that we didn't break ~ that much was common ~ and of course neither one of us have any answers!

I chatted with others as well, I love the Art crowd.  They are so cool and laid back and down to earth and talented.  I was getting tired and wanting to pull off my boots so I opted out of waiting for pizza and walked back up North Street with the newly retired Mike's Bikes guy who had to close his business cuz it just isn't worth it anymore.

It was freezing and out of my way, but it is always nice to walk and chat with someone instead of walking alone.  It makes the cold less cold and the wind less biting.  We had an interesting "Science and Earth" conversation ( one of my favorites ~ I love hearing peoples observations about the changes.)

I was greeted at home by Thomas who was surprised to see me so early.  It took a bit to warm up as it was COLD!!!  Nothing new there ~ I choose to believe that spring will be sooner rather than later as 2 out of 3 ground hogs said so ~ I think the one in PA just went the other way because the M.C. had a really good poem if winter were extended.

It will be here when it wants.  Nothing we can really do about that.  I don't mind really.  It is nice and warm when it is above 0 and the wind is calm.  Like a Spring day in itself!

So I took some pictures of my adventure on Friday and I am going to post them randomly.  This Thursday is another opening for the 10X10 Event which is a new thing  ~ everyone is busy producing things with 10 objects in them.

I did see some new art and meet a couple of new artists with AMAZING work and saw some AWESOME new works by some of my favorite artists ~ one of which no amount of excellent photography (of which I am mediocre) would even begin to do justice to!

Lichtenstein Center (a few of the 10 Leading Contemporary Berkshire Artists)

Michael Rousseau

Scott Taylor

(picture unclear with his last name ~ sorry)


Peggy Rivers
(Also at the Berkshire Community College Intermodel Gallery

NU Arts Studio and Gallery

Jennifer Gallant ~ below the road ~ city grafitti

 Jackie Kearns 
Brothership Building Window

 Crawford Square

Valentines Window

JD Logan
The Marketplace Cafe

City Hall
Michael Rousseau,  Peg Dotchin, Mario Calouri, Sean McCusker

Whitney Center for the Arts
14 Artists from the Berkshires and Beyond

 My night in pictures!  What a fun, fun time!  Art, people, conversation and a camera!  What more could a girl ask for?

I really love the Valentines Trees in the window.  The pictures would not come out correctly in the daytime but I think I caught them much better at night.  Like I said ~ I am an amateur with the camera to be sure, but I do enjoy it and hope you can tolerate my photos!

We lost Shirley Temple last night ~ that is sad to me ~ she will always be that cute, ring curled girl, smiling, singing and dancing ~ overcoming hardships and tragedy with a song and a smile!  I for one never miss the opportunity to watch any of her movies and will remember her fondly.

On that note, and considering it is Wednesday already and I have to get up in the morning ~ I will leave you ~ and remind you that we (women/girls) are all Princesses ~ don't you ever forget it!  Love and peace to you all!

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