Thursday, February 20, 2014


My last post was my 300th!  That means that I am very far off my goal of doing a post a day!  Oh well,  no biggie to me it just means that it is more challenging than I realized to write interesting things every day!

I was blessed yesterday to have a girls sleepover with my Grand daughter Ainsley, who is the light of my life and the sparkle in my eye!

She arrived after dinner full of more energy than I have ever seen her have!  Someone must have put a direct line of sugar in her veins!  I was happy to have Thomas in the house for that as she ran him ragged in about ten minutes!

When she finally settled down a bit, she conducted interviews for her club, which we were invited to be a part of.  It is a Cat Club and you must love Cats to be included.  She conducted the interviews in the living room sitting in the big chair, very professional with her paper and her questions - especially for six years old.

I listened as she interviewed Thomas, who despite running around with her, was not passing as one thought he might, I laughed to myself, not to detract from the serious atmosphere of the interview!  She dismissed him and I was at bat next.

She was easier on me, thankfully, having to stop once to direct Thomas out of the room during our interview (and penalizing him points as well!).  I was trying so hard not to laugh but it was very funny!

I did so well, I got a tour of the facilities (my apartment) from one end to the other, and then she dismissed me and returned to Thomas.  When they came through the computer room I was introduced as the maid (trying so hard not to laugh - but in reality that is part of my function as the head of household).

She had me join the tour as well, and Thomas kept getting into hot water through and through ~ finally he passed and we were both in the club!

Pat and his Dad came by and I don't know if they had to go through an interview ~ I was out of the room at that point.  She really loves her Uncles which I love!  She was so excited when Patrick phoned and said he was on his way!

They took Thomas and the men departed so it was just the two of us.  We got into creative mode and did some Art for a while and then we had a snack and settled down into our p.j.'s and watched some t.v.  At one point I looked over at her, stated to her that she looked tired ~ she said she was and the next minute she was sound asleep!

That reminded me of Thomas when he was a small child, always fighting sleep until the last second, watching and re watching The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jeff's favourite movie, and now Thomas'  and Ainsley's as well!)

I stayed up too late, as I always seem to do when she sleeps over ~ and when I retired The Lost Horizon was on t.v..  Ronald Coleman is another of my favourite actors of the time and I forced myself not to get interested lest I be up til 4 in the morning and soon I was also asleep.

Morning came and I got out of bed before she was up planning on having a cigarette and starting my tea before my day began.  I was looking at the weather when she popped in the room and laid on the couch, seemingly barely awake.

I turned on her Kids Channel and tossed a blanket over her thinking she was going back to sleep I headed into my computer room next to the living room and 20 minutes later she was poking her head through the door.

We had breakfast and did some pastel work in the dining room.  She had me playing hide and seek and I found the best hiding place ~ I had to give myself up since she couldn't find me and when it was her turn again I found her there!

We played some games and enjoyed our extended day together, deciding once we realized how warm it was to take a walk after we baked some chocolate chip cookies together, not ready for lunch at that time, despite it being after noon.

We headed out into the world.  Aimlessly walking with no destination in mind, we found ourselves at the Art Gallery.  She had never been to an Art Gallery before.  We were happy to find it opened and she took pictures of her favourite works and I took her picture in front of her very favourite works.

She like Peggy Rivers work so we walked over to the Berkshire Community College Intermodal Gallery to look at her show she has there, only to find that it was locked, so we took a look in from the outside before heading home for lunch.

I made burgers and she found a game to play.  She is very good at games, having played a winning game of Scrabble Junior in the morning, we played two games of Sorry before I had to get into the shower so I could be ready before her Mom came to get her after work.

I had plans to go to the Berkshire Museum for the Real Art Party at 5:30.  I puttered around for a bit and headed out arriving a little earlier than I would have liked.  The place filled up quickly and I had an opportunity to check out the 70 works of art on display, a smaller number than in previous years.

I chatted with old friends and new, enjoying the crowd and the atmosphere for the most part.  They began the auction ~ for $25 you got to pick your piece of 10X10 art.  They drew numbers and ticket holders got to pick their piece.

Michael Rousseau's piece was the very first piece taken and it was a steal at that price to be sure!  I am happy that I did not have a ticket because despite all the art there that I liked, I loved that piece and would give  a kidney to own it!

I went outside during the auction to find that it was rain/snowing so I talked to one of my acquaintances and we had a smoke and I decided I had better hit the road before the sidewalks got any icier than they already were!

It was very pleasant walking home with the snow falling more than the rain.  I got a couple more pictures of the Valentine Window and snuggled into my coat as I cut through the park.  I decided to veer off the shoveled path  and cut across the semi walked path towards my exit point.

I was very happy to return home, where I found a newsletter from Barrington Stage Co. with a couple of opportunities for me to help out this weekend and next week.  I am going to officially be an Usher on Sunday and help with a mailing on Monday.

I am looking forward to both!  I got a return call back from the organizer of volunteers who was delightful to speak with on the phone!  I look forward to returning to my capacity as a volunteer once again this season!  When I volunteer there during the season I am in the Greylock Room which is for the serious donors who come in during Intermission to enjoy a glass of wine or coffee and nibble on some candy ~ we are separate from the Ushers and other Volunteers, now I will be an official volunteer!

Life is good and I am so looking forward to so many things in the coming days, weeks and months, not the least spring and warm weather!!!

I made my latest deadline for my Writing Challenge and I do believe I have a couple of more challenges waiting for me to face so I am off to see where I can be creative next!                                                                                                            
Ainsley in front of her Favorite!Art by Joanie Palano Ciolfi

Thomas during his Cat Club Interview
Ms.  Interviewer



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